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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 3 Recap

When Lin Mochen came to the online store, he realized that Lin Qian’s online store was in a slump. Seeing Lin Qian’s dark circles under her eyes, she felt sorry for her too hard. Lin Mochen thought about it and told Lin Qian that an internationally renowned company was hiring an assistant fashion designer. He submitted Lin Qian’s design to the company director. The other party looked forward to meeting as soon as possible. Lin Qian was a little pleased, but also a little hesitant. After much deliberation, Lin Qian told her brother that he didn’t want to be an assistant, because that would lose the freedom to be a fashion designer.

In the heavy rain on the riverside, Li Zhicheng solemnly asked Grace who was behind the scenes. Grace reminds Li Zhicheng that after Wenda’s downfall, whoever benefits the most may be behind the scenes. She told Li Zhicheng that competition in the clothing industry in Linhai City has been fierce. After Wenda’s decline, Si Meiqi and Xin Baorui quickly occupied the market share. Li Zhicheng wanted to continue to ask questions. Grace saw Li Jinyuan drove up. Grace didn’t want to be recognized by her, so she put on her sunglasses and hurried away. Li Zhicheng got into his sister’s car and talked about the recent situation. He left with an unhappy expression. He didn’t plan to go home at this time.

As soon as Li Yuan got home, she received a news feed. She was surprised when she opened the news. It turned out that a batch of Wenda products exported to Europe were unqualified during the random inspection by the Quality Supervision Bureau. The board of directors immediately convened a high-level meeting, and there was panic at the meeting. Some people on the board questioned that Li Zhicheng had returned to Linhai City, but deliberately hid from the limelight. Gu Yanzhi was trying to argue for his friend, but was called to the office by Li Zhicheng. Gu Yanzhi anxiously hoped that Li Zhicheng would take charge of the overall situation, but Li Zhicheng calmly said that what he had to do now was to hide and lead the snake out of the hole. Now he has an eyebrow, just waiting for the best opportunity to control the enemy with one move.

Lin Qian received a call from the police station in the studio, informing her that the police were investigating the brawl near Wenda Company and hoped that she would go to the police station to assist in the investigation. Lin Qian came to the police station and confronted the group of people. She told the police that she went to Wenda to do business and met this group of people when she came out. The other party smashed her car and punctured the tire. Fortunately, Li Zhicheng saved himself. Hearing that Lin Qian actually regarded himself as a security manager, Li Zhicheng was a little bit ridiculous.

When the two walked out of the police station, Lin Qian smiled and said that in fact, he knew that even if he didn’t come, Li Zhicheng would easily handle the matter today. Li Zhicheng smiled, and solemnly introduced himself to Lin Qian. The two met again, but he did not reveal that he was the special soldier who rescued her before.

On Wenda’s board of directors, Director Zhang suggested that this batch of problematic children’s clothing can be wholesaled to retailers, so that part of the loss can be recovered. Gu Yanzhi was trying to refute, but received a blocking text message from Li Zhicheng. He immediately retracted what he had said halfway. At this time, Mr. Xue of the board of directors proposed that everyone show their hands to vote, and the last majority agreed to wholesale this batch of children’s clothing to retailers. Gu Yanzhi anxiously went to Li Zhicheng, worried that this would cause even greater disturbances by the board of directors. Li Zhicheng calmly comforted Gu Yanzhi, saying that he had made arrangements and he just had to wait for the result. Gu Yanzhi had some doubts.

Lin Mochen came to the studio to find Lin Qian and happened to see Lin Qian was processing Wenda’s compensation to him for a batch of fabrics. Lin Mochen mentioned the current carcinogenic news about Wenda fabrics, which was raging. After working in the mall for many years, he pointedly pointed out that someone was deliberately blacking Wenda, and there must be some ulterior shady behind it.

Wenda was ready to ship. Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng decided to join forces to bring down Wenda. Ning Weikai specifically stabbed the news to the media reporters. The reporters followed the shipped trucks all the way to take pictures, but they did not expect the trucks to be taken by Li Zhicheng. The man was forcibly intercepted halfway and returned to the company again.

On the other hand, Lin Mochen tentatively asked Lin Qian how to deal with similar problems. Lin Qian didn’t hesitate to say that instead of putting it in a warehouse, it was better to burn it. At this time, Xiaoya urged Lin Qian to come over to watch the news. Lin Qian leaned in curiously. In the camera, he saw Li Zhicheng solemnly declare to the media that Wenda’s children’s clothing only had shrinkage rate problems, but they were not carcinogenic. At the same time, in order to show his determination, he burned this batch of children’s clothing in public. Lin Qian did not expect that Li Zhicheng and his own ideas would coincide with each other, and couldn’t help but admire his courage to break his arm.

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