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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 10 Recap

Lin Qian ran to tell Li Zhicheng excitedly that the test was successful and all indicators passed. Li Zhicheng touched the fabric with satisfaction and smiled with Lin Qian. In the office of the President of New Baorui, Ning Wei heard the employee report that Aida has produced the first ready-to-wear garment with good performance in all aspects. The key is that the cost of each garment of Aida is lower than that of New Baorui. Ning Weikai was furious, and after further questioning, he learned that Aida had used a new fabric independently developed by Aidi. Ning Weikai angrily blamed the marketing staff for negligence and contempt for opponents.

Standing in front of the French window, Ning Weikai looked gloomy. After considering it for a moment, he found Gao Lang, a capable security guard from the company, and claimed that he would give him a new task, but it must be kept secret and not leaked. Ning Weikai promised to give him a sum of money as long as the task is completed beautifully, and to promote him to work by his side.

After completing the test, Chen Yayi and Lin Qian cheered, Lin Qian took her out to eat to celebrate, and Chen Yayi added a lock before leaving. Unexpectedly, someone sneaked into the office silently after the two of them had just walked away. When Lin Qian returned to the office and opened the closet, she was shocked. She found that the rescue clothes she had made had been cut in a mess. It was obvious that someone had vandalized. Gu Yanzhi speculated that this was Ning Weikai’s handwriting, because if it were Chen Zheng, he would just give up if he competed, but Ning Weikai would use the next three tricks.

Grace came to Aida to visit Li Zhicheng at this time, and she also learned the news. She learned that the Mingsheng delegation was coming to Aida at this time, and anxiously asked Lin Qian if there was any remedy. Lin Qian said helplessly that he could only do it again. Gu Yanzhi worried that the time was too late, and Mingsheng’s delegation was already on its way. Grace encourages everyone not to give up easily, there will be hope before the last minute.

Gao Lang returned to Xin Baorui and reported to Ning Weikai that he had destroyed all the samples, and even brought Lin Qian’s design drawings. Li Zhicheng followed Aida’s office through surveillance. He was worried that the security guard would be discovered by the surveillance when he did it. The security immediately promised that if the Dongchuang incident happened, he would carry it alone. Ning Weikai was satisfied with his answer and took a sum of money from the drawer to the security guard and asked him to follow him in the future.

Wenda was in chaos. Lin Qian had no clue because of the theft of the design drawings. Chen Yayi and Gu Yanzhi were at a loss, but Lin Qian bit his lip and suddenly turned and left. Ning Weikai, who saw this scene during the surveillance, was suspicious. He always felt that there was a mystery in this matter, because in his impression, Lin Qian was not a person who gave up easily.

Mingsheng’s delegation first arrived at Simeiqi for inspection, and Chen Zheng and his son welcomed them warmly. The designer of Si Meiqi introduced their company’s sample clothes, but the people in the inspection group cared more about the cost price of the emergency clothes. Next, the delegation went to Xinbaorui for inspection. Ning Weikai personally received them. He was introducing Xinbaorui’s rescue suits. At this time, Zhu Han rushed over and said that this rescue suit is particularly suitable for South America. Sure enough, the delegation was a little skeptical, because it was customized for emergency rescue companies in Southeast Asia. After the delegation left, Ning Weikai reminded Zhu Hanchong not to pretend to understand, and to lower the price without a bottom line, Zhu Rongchong retorted.

Soon, Grace broke into Ning Weikai’s office angrily and asked him why he used such a despicable means to destroy Ada’s sample clothes. Ning Weikai tried to deny it at first, and Grace angrily accused Ning Weikai of failing Ning Zhiqian’s expectations. Ning Weikai was a little guilty, and tried his best to argue that shopping malls are like battlefields, sometimes by unscrupulous means. Grace warned Ning Weikai to stop playing tricks, otherwise everyone would deal with him.

The delegation came to Aida Company, and the members of the delegation were surprised to see Lin Qian, dressed in rescue suits, lying in a glass cabinet, doing a ten-hour waterproof experiment, and there was a notary who was next to him for notarization. It turned out that Li Zhicheng played a good game. In order to prevent his opponent from sabotage, he had the foresight to exchange the samples, and the ones that were destroyed were the ones that were scrapped.

When the ten-hour test time was up, Li Zhicheng hurried over to fish Lin Qian out of the glass cabinet and wipe her with a towel. Gu Yanzhi introduced the samples to the inspection team. The members of the inspection team doubted whether the waterproof fabric is made in China. The index is too high. Li Zhicheng strode over and said impassionedly that made in China is very reliable. They speak with strength. His words inspire everyone. . President Lin of the inspection team learned that Li Zhicheng, like himself, had been a soldier who had fought on the front line of flood fighting and rescue, and he was very pleased. The members of the delegation were full of praise for Aida’s waterproof jacket.

The Aida sample display was a great success, and everyone rejoiced. Hornet went to dismantle the surveillance in the office and corridor, Yayi climbed up and laughed at the camera. It turned out that Gao Lang was discovered when he sneaked into the office that night. All of this was Li Zhicheng’s tactics. When Ning Weikai was shocked, the camera went black. He knew that his hands and feet were exposed.

Aida held a celebration party. At the banquet, Li Zhicheng realized that Lin Qian was a little bit cold, so he immediately took off her coat and put it on her and poured her a cup of hot water thoughtfully. That night Li Zhicheng thanked Lin Qian and blamed Lin Qian for diving and testing himself. Lin Qian said that Li Zhicheng was injured every time because of him. He saved himself twice, but he just wanted to repay him. Li Zhicheng wanted to say something to Lin Qian, but he stopped talking, and then blurted out that he hoped that she could be his comrade-in-arms, and that he would become the commander Lin Qian as an adjutant. This statement made Lin Qian, who was full of expectation, crying and laughing. Lin Qian almost fell when she got up and left, and Li Zhicheng hurriedly supported her. As a result, Lin Qian fell into Li Zhicheng’s arms and kissed her. Lin Qian calmed his mind and fled in a panic.

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