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If I see you for the rest of my life

If I see you for the rest of my life (Novel)
Other Name: 倘若余生再见你

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: Gu Miao
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Jin Lijun Yan. After three years, Jin Li saw Jun Yan again. He didn’t want to face this demon for a moment. He was tortured and humiliated by this man. He never wanted to remember the pain of the past, even the person before him also wanted to forget it.

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“I don’t know.” He denied eagerly. Regret for the brief talk just now.

Jun Yan chuckled his neck slightly, “Go downstairs in five minutes.” That was a commanding tone.

Jin Li instantly pressed the shutdown button. Jun Yan, are you taking revenge on me? Who wants your flowers and coffee? Why, it used to be forced, but now the strategy has been changed?

The dim light of the computer screen illuminates an unknown face. Jun Yan, you must avenge me.

In the car, Jun Yan immediately called Secretary Li, “Check me all the information about Jin Li. Also, I have a car accident three years ago, I want to investigate thoroughly.”

Secretary Li was surprised, “Mr. Jun, haven’t all the car accidents been investigated clearly? It was an accident.”

“Accident? Oh, I’m afraid it might not happen.” He sneered, “Secretary Li, you have been with me for so long, so it’s best not to hide anything from me.”

“No, no.”

After waiting for five minutes, Jin Li hadn’t come down yet. Jun Yan had expected it, so he had to go upstairs himself. As soon as he stepped out of the car door, he ran into Chu Yinyin who was about to go upstairs.

“Miss Chu.” Chu Yinyin was taken aback, and then reflexively stepped back two steps, anxiously and unnaturally, “Mr. Jun.”

“Go to Jin Li?”


“I and Jin Li yesterday…”

“I know it’s a joke.”

Jun Yan didn’t chew, but stared at Chu Yinyin meaningfully, “Jin Li tells you, I was joking with him?” Chu Yinyin’s face instantly became pale, biting his lips and not talking.

“Miss Chu, the person who knows the current affairs is a handsome man. I don’t care about women, so you will obediently disappear before I do it.” He stared at the early magazine in her hand and in his arms.

woman? Really will be courteous. But what’s the use? Jin Li, a person with a cold appearance, doesn’t know what the wave is like, so he has to wait for him to peel off his clothes and penetrate him fiercely.

Thinking of such a picture, a wave of heat rushes towards Jun Yan’s lower abdomen.

“I…” Chu Yinyin hesitated and whispered, “I’m Jin Li’s editor and his girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?!” In just a day’s effort, he had a girlfriend to avoid him?

“He likes men and he wants a girlfriend.” Jun Yan couldn’t help snorting coldly, “Miss Chu, don’t be fooled by Jin Li.”

When there was a knock on the door, Jin Li opened the door and saw a man and a woman at the door.

“Yinyin, how are you…?”

Seeing this, Chu Yinyin leaned softly in Jin Li’s arms, “I ran into Mr. Jun downstairs.”

“Jin Li, I heard Ms. Chu say that you are dating?” Jun Yan asked blankly with his hands in his arms.

“Yes.” After receiving such a simple affirmative answer, Jun Yan’s complexion was frosty and dark clouds were covered, and then he snorted, “Jin Li, didn’t you say you wanted to have sex with me yesterday?”

“You!” Jin Li’er reddened, annoyed, “Jun Yan, you, right now, get out of me right away!” Knowing that this person will not get out of obediently, he immediately took out the phone and called the guard, “Guardian, here Someone broke into a private house.”

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