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My Majesty, Please Wait

His Majesty, Please Wait (Novel)
Other Name: 皇帝陛下请稍候 / The Emperor, I’m Here

Genre: novel, Tanmei novel
Author: Ci Xiahuan
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Song Yiyang, who accidentally traveled to ancient times when he was saving a life, became a fake eunuch Real man, see what kind of spark he will have with His Majesty the Emperor in this palace?

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“But, but you…” The girl was obviously frightened, but she knew how warm and cold she was. She was moved and at a loss when she saw him in a dangerous situation for herself and let herself run first.

After pondering for a while, Song Yiyang said to the girl behind him: “You run quickly, I’ll wait for the police to come.”

Hearing this, the girl didn’t say anything, she gave a flustered hum, and then quickly turned and left.

As soon as the yellow hair wanted to move, Song Yiyang pushed his hand forward, and the yellow hair instantly stood up, hurriedly begging for mercy.

Song Yiyang just wanted to talk, but who knew that the person sent to check by Huang Mao had returned.

After approaching, those few people could see the scene clearly, the boss was actually threatened?!

“You, who are you, let go of our boss…”

Song Yiyang looked at his watch and smiled slightly.

Huang Mao saw this smile, and immediately forgot to be afraid, staring at Song Yiyang in a daze, thinking that there is really a man in this world who can smile so brightly and charmingly?

But at the moment when he was distracted, a rushing voice came, which shocked his mind and shouted badly.

And those few people were obviously frightened, and all of them were scared.

However, someone was able to calm down and asked, “Is it the police you called?”

“It’s the police I called.” He didn’t talk about the terms, so he would only show up, and he had to wait for the other party to propose it.

At this time, the leader in Song Yiyang’s hands was also a little restless, and said: “We have nothing to do with you. Besides, when the time comes, you will have to delay your time if you go to the bureau. Go, I won’t have trouble with you, how?”

“Who knows if you will come back to clean me up again? What if you cheat?”

“If you don’t, you won’t. We have always preached the most orderly. We never change our words and never break our words.”

Song Yiyang pretended to ask for a while, and said, “It’s good, the police station is pretty bad anyway, I don’t want to go.”

As he spoke, he led the people back, and finally got far away from the group of people, and then pushed the people in his hands far forward.

The man turned around and looked at him with a smile, thinking that he was the eldest brother of the school.

Song Yiyang’s face was expressionless, and his heart was almost turned over with a smile. It was already dark and far away. This guy laughed so much that he had white teeth left, and he was so cautious that his goose bumps fell on the ground.

Shrugged and pretended to be calm and walked to the corner where the phone was placed, and then immediately hid it. After seeing the gangsters and the group gradually leave, he was relieved.

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