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The Tao is Ruthless but Passionate

The Tao is Ruthless but Passionate (Novel)
Other Name: 道是无情却有情

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Yun Lei
Year: 2018
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Xiahou Binggong Sun Liang, she was the former prime minister’s precious daughter, whose father was framed as a collaborator and traitor, and the entire Xiangfu was copied and exiled overnight. . They met at a young age, and for ten years, she thought she would marry him and be his fourth queen. See you again, she sold her first night for just a thousand taels…

Free Reading:
Qin Yuyan invited the so-called mother-in-law, and according to the prescription given by the mother-in-law, personally fry the bowl of soup.

It’s dark and bitter.

When Xia Houbing woke up, it was already the evening of the second day. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Gongsunliang holding a bowl of hot soup and feeding her mouth, “Binger, just drink this. It will be fine, trust me…”

At that time, besides Qin Yuyan, there was also a 50- or 60-year-old woman. The two stood behind Gongsun Liang with weird smiles on their faces.

“No, I don’t drink!” The bowl that was delivered to her mouth was pushed away by her immediately. She stubbornly stepped back and tried her best to resist Gongsun Liang, “Take it, I don’t know how to drink it. Give it to me. go……”

No matter what it is, it will never be a good thing. She can’t drink it.

But Gongsun Liang seemed to be possessed by a demon. The less she didn’t want to drink, the more he held her, and the medicine that was pushed away came to her mouth again, “I want to drink, Binger, this medicine is not bitter anymore. Now, this king has specially added a lot of sugar to it, drink it while it is hot, drink it…”

Her mouth was even forced open by him, and the bitter medicinal smell poured in from her mouth. She desperately tried to get rid of it, but his strength grew stronger.

After half of the bowl went down, she saw Qin Yuyan smiled and said, “Bing’er, when the wild seeds in your belly are gone, you can marry the prince with me, and you can be better like when you were a child…”


There is a child in her belly?

Reminiscent of the frequent retching in recent days and the sharp pain in his abdomen when Gongsun Liang wanted to take him, Xia Houbing’s desperate apricot eyes suddenly widened.

Seeing the bowl that was about to bottom out, and looking at the crazy-looking Gongsun Liang, she finally understood what she was, and the little hand that was so imprisoned suddenly pushed him away.

“Gongsun Liang, how can you be so vicious, this child is also yours!”

The medicine bowl was slapped and fell to the ground, falling apart. Gongsun Liang’s face was slightly dazed, but the indifference could not be removed.

“You have been in the Tibetan Fragrant House for a few days, how can you be the child of this king? Yan’er, Mother Liu, you are responsible for the next step. Remember, you must clean up the wild species in her belly. This king does not want to Seeing any dirty thing left by a wild man in her belly.”

“Yes, Fourth Prince.”

As soon as the door was closed, Qin Yuyan and Mother Liu remained, “Don’t worry the girl. I have been delivering births for 30 years, and I have more than 20 experiences in delivering stillbirths to women who have had small births. Very soon, but you may have to do more. Blood may never be a mother in the future.”

“Binger, close your eyes, you will be fine soon, you go to the ground to accompany your child, I will stay in the world with the Fourth Prince…”

“No! Don’t come over, no…”

Xia Houbing was terrified. She put her fingers in her throat and tried to spit out the medicine she had drunk, but it didn’t work. The effect of the medicine came very fast. Soon her eyelids drooped tiredly, and she resisted desperately. The body gradually lost all strength.

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