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The Love of Jin Luan is Lasting

Luan Feng Returned to the Nest, the Supreme Queen of the Minister (Novel)
Other Name: 鸾凤还巢,臣的至尊女皇

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Gu Si Mai
Year: 2018
Chapter: N/A
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Tang Manzong Haining is the hero and heroine in the book. Tang Man is originally a vicious female gangster in modern times. But who knows that she turned into an ancient woman who committed adultery and murder, and was somehow taken home by the county grandfather’s son and became the continuation of the county grandfather.

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“Zheng Hao, what should you be guilty of?” Zong Haining gave a startled, his eyes were as cold as ice, and his expression was cold and majestic. With a loud shout, the Yuan Zhao clan who was surprised by Tang Man became paralyzed.

“How could this be?” Yuan Zhao muttered to himself in panic, his eyes avoiding, and he dared not look at Zong Haining and Tang Man at all, “No, it won’t.”

“My lord.” Although Zheng Hao was very scared, he quickly glanced at Yuan Zhao and Tang Man, his eyes rolled around, a cunning color flashed, and he squatted his head and said in mourning, “Small injustice,” The little ones were also forced to die. It was the Yuan family’s grandmother who did not love to seduce…”

“It’s not honest yet.” Zong Haining sneered, and threw a token down.

As soon as the voice fell, several government officials immediately came up to hold Zheng Hao and began to execute the sentence.

The few yamen were all human beings, and there was no way to see Zong Haining’s attitude. The blood flowed across the sticks. At first, Zheng Hao gritted his teeth and endured it. After twenty boards passed, Zheng Hao couldn’t help howling .

The thin black woman hurriedly cried forward and pulled, “Stop hitting, don’t hit, I’ll move, I’ll move.”

“What are you doing?” Zheng Hao pushed a handful of the thin black woman fiercely and cursed fiercely.

The thin black woman dared not speak immediately.

“I think you really don’t cry without seeing the coffin.” Zong Haining sneered, “Zhao An, take out what you are looking for.”

“Yes, my lord.” Zhao An immediately held up a black-gray jar, opened the jar, revealing white flowers and silver balls inside.

Zheng Hao and the black and thin woman looked like gray at the time.

“Unexpectedly?” Zong Haining squinted his eyes, and the cold eyes were on Yuan Zhao’s and Xiao Rui, Zheng Hao’s and his wife’s faces. “From the very beginning, this county has been suspicious of a family that has just lost its top pillar. , Secretly there is no sadness, people are crying and heartbreaking, but it is for someone to see, the county sends people to watch, just to see the housekeeper Yuan who gave you money for the second time, but also caught stealing back You who take the money.”

Zong Haining fixedly looked at Zheng Hao, whose face was gray.

“Yuan Zhao bought you to die, and instructed the maid to frame Tang.” Zong Haining analyzed them one by one, and the few people in the hall were sweating.

“Come here, bring the Yuan family steward to the hall.” Zong Haining said majesticly.

Soon, the housekeeper of the Yuan family was taken up in embarrassment.

“There are all evidences, what else do you have to say?” Zong Haining said coldly.

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