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Long Love in the Heavens

Long Love in the Heavens (Novel)
Other Name: 天降锦鸾情长久

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Gu Simai
Year: 2018
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Tang Manzong Haining, who was originally a vicious female gangster, accidentally traversed, became a prisoner and was framed by her ex-grandmother for adultery and murder. Inexplicably, he was taken home by the county grandfather’s son and became the continuation of the county grandfather.

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Yuan Zhao’s unwillingness to pull Tang Man’s clothes again, his eyes eagerly looked at Tang Man, seeing her indifferent, Yuan Zhao’s heart was already scolding Tang Man to death, and his mouth was still begging urgently. Man’er, you should plead with your mother, so you won’t be held accountable. We are all a family. You and Xiuwen have a daughter, and the family talks behind closed doors.”

Tang Duan was a little unbearable, so he pulled Tang Man’s sleeve secretly, and Ai Ai said in a low voice, “Man’er, otherwise you will beg for mercy. We won’t pursue it, after all, it’s a family.”

How difficult it is for a woman who has been dismissed, I am afraid that other people’s pointers will make it difficult for Man’er to raise her head. Tang Duan feels terrible after thinking about it. She doesn’t want her daughter to live this life in the future.

“Mother, leave it alone.” Tang Man looked at Yuan Zhao who was crying very embarrassed with cold eyes, and sneered, “Now let me not be held accountable? Why did you go? If it wasn’t for Zheng Hao to be found, am I Tang Man? Are you going to be beheaded? Or are you carrying a crime of adultery and murder for thousands of years, and even my family can’t hold their heads up for a lifetime. Now you are a handy family. Why didn’t you think about it when you framed me for murder for your son Pan Gaozhi? Family? Why didn’t you think about your granddaughter? Haha.”

The people outside the hall were in an uproar, and they all pointed to Yuan Zhao.

“Man’er, my mother really knows that I was wrong.” Yuan Zhao stubbornly tugged Tang Man by the corners of his clothes, hated to death in his heart, but had to beg Tang Man, his voice eagerly promised, “As long as you forgive mother, mother will go back Give you all the keys of the house, let you take charge of the house, and mother will listen to you in the future.”

Seeing that Tang Man’s oil and salt did not enter, he was indifferent. Yuan Zhao cursed the cruel woman in his heart and knelt in front of Tang Man with a thump, “Daughter-in-law, can’t my mother kneel down and admit your mistakes? You have to be so embarrassed. ?”

“Am I embarrassing you?” Tang Man avoided and sneered. “You should get up. I can’t bear it. It’s not enough to give up my daughter in Zhao’s family for the sake of Pan Gaozhi. For the crime of being a mother, I will do this, and I will be my son. I’m sorry. I can’t ask for your love. If you give me a break, I don’t accept it. Go, keep staying sooner or later and be chewed so that there is no bone left.”

“Man’er.” Tang Duan couldn’t believe his ears, and looked at Tang Man in panic and blame.

Tang Man spoke loudly, and the people onlookers heard clearly, causing an uproar.

“I heard that the Yuan family had a pretty good life after that. How could you expect to have such a bad foundation?

“Whose girl is really blind when she married her.”

Upon hearing this, Yuan Zhao wanted to faint to death.

“Tang Man.” Yuan Xiuwen heard his mother’s crying far away, and felt a pain in her heart. He quickly pushed aside the crowd, and saw his mother kneeling under Tang Man’s feet, crying and begging. Tang Man is sloppy, Yuan Xiuwen only feels that his heart is twisted. A few strides forward to help Yuan Zhao’s family. His eyes are eager to kill Tang Man, and he gritted his teeth, “You actually let my mother kneel and beg you! My mother is even wrong. It’s all wrong, that’s my mother too, it’s your mother-in-law, how are you…”

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