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How to invest in Bitcoin? The latest Bitcoin investment strategy in 2018

In terms of the current hottest digital currency, Bitcoin is the best among the current developments. As a novice, how to invest in Bitcoin? The following editor brings you eight principles about investing in Bitcoin.

First, as an investor, you need to consider the investment limit you can bear: even if you lose it completely, it will not affect your life.

Second, you must always remember the advice of Warren Buffett: when everyone is greedy, fear Greed when fearful.

Thirdly, if you choose to hold Bitcoin for a long time, then keep a normal mind and adopt a monthly fixed investment method, with small declines and large declines, and never chase the rise and kill the decline;

Fourth if it is you I have always believed in my choice very much. When I feel panic when I fall, this is the best time to buy in a big way.

Fifth if you don’t have extensive experience in the stock market, then doing short-term operations means “taking the money away”; sixth, in any case, you must hold 0.1 Bitcoin in your hand, and never Its sale.

Seventh don’t put the eggs in one basket. You might as well choose different storage methods. It is extremely important to balance the risks in the high risk. Don’t be influenced by the news. Instead of reading the news, it’s better to learn more technical knowledge. , Think more about the future of Bitcoin.

The wealth of the rich will be like snowballs, and generations will become richer; and the poor may not be able to turn around for a lifetime if they don’t work hard…

Investing? Don’t understand anything? It’s okay! I will walk you through the process step by step until you figure it out.

Before buying coins, you must understand the most basic concepts: buying coins on the market vs. buying coins off the market.

Buy coins on the floor:

On-exchange trading refers to the direct purchase of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with fiat currencies (RMB, U.S. dollars, Euro…) and exchanges.


  1. The price and handling fee are reasonable and basically consistent with the real-time market average price
  2. There is no need to wait for the transaction to complete online, the platform will automatically match the current lowest price to you

  3. The exchange has enough supply (as much as you want to buy, he can sell you as much)


  1. China currently bans all fiat currency exchanges

  2. At present, 95% of the on-site exchanges can only purchase mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with fiat currency.

  3. To put it simply, there are a few types. If your relatives and friends recommend you a currency that may become a hundred times the currency in the future, and let you invest together, you can’t directly buy it with the legal currency in your hand. What should I do? Keep reading and you will understand.

Buy currency off-site:

Remember first, all domestic exchanges with RMB to buy currency are now over-the-counter transactions. The process is to use the platform as the guarantor, and buyers and sellers conduct one-to-one transactions. The seller will list the cheapest price he can accept, and the buyer will advertise on the platform the most money he is willing to pay. If the two parties compromise on a price, the transaction is concluded.


  1. Give the domestic compatriots who want to join the blockchain investment opportunity a chance to enter the market
  2. Buyers and sellers have passed identity verification, and the transaction is safe and reliable
  3. The platform has the power to freeze accounts to prevent sellers from collecting money and running away


  1. All transactions need to be completed online, which is time consuming
  2. Compared with the prices in the market, there will be some premium

Exchange keywords

C2C transaction

[Customer(Consumer) to Customer(Consumer), a simple understanding is that consumer-to-consumer transactions can be cashed in RMB]

Currency transaction

[Transactions between digital assets and digital assets, currency units other than digital assets cannot be traded, and RMB cannot be cashed out]

USDT trading

USDT is a token based on the stable value currency U.S. dollar launched by Tether. It is against the U.S. dollar. 1USDT=1 U.S. dollar. The price is constant or fluctuating depending on the exchange’s own rules and can be cashed in RMB】

Understand the above basic concepts, you are no longer a novice who knows nothing! Let’s talk about the specific process when buying coins.

Process of buying coins

The recommended platform here is Dragonex Dragon Exchange gate, both of which are the world’s leading exchanges, with daily trading volume of 100 million yuan.

Dragonex Dragon Exchange: RMB buy currency, RMB fast cash withdrawal, withdraw currency, convenient speed. The price is also very affordable. The platform has launched its own platform currency-Dragon Coin (DT coin in the list). The platform will distribute 100% of the platform’s daily profit to those who hold Dragon Coin, and it also supports withdrawals at any time. For the income of the trading platform on February 28, you can get a dividend of RMB 0.17 for each Dragon Coin. If you have 3000 Dragon Coins, it is equivalent to an income of 510 yuan per day, and a monthly dividend of 15000 yuan.

Gate Exchange: veteran bitcoin trading manufacturer, safe and fast, strong team, fast response, high security, cluster structure

Before buying coins, you can compare the two platforms and choose the one you like.


  1. Click to register the registered address of Dragonex Dragon Exchange (
  2. Fill in the information, pass the identity verification, and complete the registration
  3. Click the Personal Center-Account Assets-USDT Token Purchase Button-Buy Now
  4. After the USDT arrives, in the “Transaction” heading on the left, click “BTC”, etc. to buy

Gate exchange

  1. Click to register the Huobi registration address (
  2. Fill in the information, pass the identity verification, and complete the registration
  3. Click “C2C Transaction” in the upper left corner of the page
  4. In the heading “I want to buy” on the left, click “usdt”
  5. Click “Buy”, set nickname, fund password (not the same as login password)
  6. After payment of funds, after the seller confirms that it is correct, start issuing coins

Stand in the future and arrange today. With history as the framework, every historical turning point will bring huge subversion to the world.

Bitcoin is a historical trend. This objective trend is not shifted by human will. Just like steam engines, electricity, oil, automobiles, the Internet, and real estate,

It is the process of redistribution of human wealth. The early ones actively accept the embrace, and the late ones are forced to accept.

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