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Supreme Prince’s Mansion

Supreme Prince’s Mansion (Novel)
Other Name: 极品亲王府

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Bo Lina
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Lin Yao has Guo Ruoluo who is waiting to be fed and wants a grandson on the top, and the beautiful and beautiful wives and concubines on the bottom. During the Qianlong period, the prince’s mansion was promoted by singing and dancing. Moving the greed of ink and Confucianism behind the prosperity. If one family is benevolent, one country will reinvigorate benevolence; one family will make one country prosper; one person will be greedy, and one country will cause chaos. The machine is like this. This means that with one word, one person decides the country.

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The dawn of early spring was still a little late, and the blood-boiled little Baylor had already woke up, gently covered the princess’s restless feet, came down on the ground, put on his shoes, opened the door and closed it gently. The maid and handyman in the palace had already started a busy day, preparing for the masters who had not yet started. He stopped the maid and intercepted the water basin in her hand, and put it on the ground to wash her hot cheeks casually, then picked up the basin and stuffed her face in it, so that the effect of the nourishing soup faded slightly and he grabbed a few more. In the food box, I picked a few snacks from it to fill the belly of “Gululu”, and then satisfactorily let the maids leave.

Back in the room, Princess Daishan woke up and asked him where he had been. He replied in a prevarication and went to the toilet.

Dai Shan got off the bed, put on his shoes, and looked around at his wrinkled skirt.

“I blame you for crushing them!”

The delicate Xiao Yao wrinkled her nose lightly, her crooked official hair and blurred eyes, and Chu Chu’s small waist, made the fire that he had just extinguished with water burst out.

“It’s okay, it’s beautiful!” He praised sincerely.

“Really!” Dai Shan sorted out the crooked hairband on the top of his head, and smiled happily. With his praise, he must have more children for him.

With a “creak”, the maid opened the door, and Daishan took the maid’s hand and introduced: “This is the maid who has been with me since childhood, called Hal. You are not allowed to bully her.”

“Hal has seen Baylor.”

The little maid ha’er bowed her knees slightly, doing a blessing.

“Get up!” He looked at Daishan and reminded: “Hurry up and pack up, I have to please Emang for a while!”

As soon as the little princess sat on the dressing table, the maid lifted up and down to quickly disassemble the hair and cum, while Dai Shan smeared left and right on the face in front of the mirror. For Little Belle Lin Yao, this was a pleasing picture.


“Oh, Princess, this hairpin is old, do you want to replace it with a new one?” The maid ha’er called Lao Gao.

“Where are there new ones? They are all old jewelry from the dowry.” Dai Shan secretly gave the maid a thumbs up, and then secretly observed Lin Yao through the corner of the mirror.

Seeing her husband’s wandering appearance that she hadn’t heard, Dai Shan narrowed her big eyes, releasing her dangerous breath, and pouting his mouth full of breath.


With such an obvious hint, Little Baylor was still indifferent, Daishan was a little disappointed, and could no longer stand his temper, gnashing his teeth and dancing with his hands.

“Don’t change it! Don’t change it! Just this old hairpin, and the clothes won’t change anymore, let’s go to see my mother like this wrinkly!”

The little princess probably didn’t know that she was in Lin Yao’s arms. For him who had been waiting for an hour, he could finally be free.

He squeezed Dai Shan’s bulging cheeks and coaxed her to be happy: “Okay, okay, next time Ben Belle buys you one specially, now let’s go to Erniang’s.”

“You are a lie, obviously Erniang asked you to pick a lot of jewelry!” Dai Shan frowned unwillingly and slapped him on the shoulder.

“…” Lin Yao was embarrassed for a while, his face flushed.

“Okay, let’s send it when you really want to send me.” Princess Daishan vomited Halan softly, softly touching his chest, pretending not to care to comfort him. It’s just that the princess’s disappointment herself should be told to whom?

Lin Yao subconsciously pushes Daishan away like a wood, but watching the princess’s sweet smile hidden in the tears deep under his eyes, he doesn’t know why he wants to take out a hosta and insert it with his own hands. On, he hesitated slightly and made him give up.

He took Daishan’s hand and said sincerely: “Okay, I promise you.”

Happiness came too suddenly, and Daishan’s face changed a lot of red. She bit her lip and happily took Baylor’s arm and clung to it.

“Well, let’s go and greet my mother!”

Along the way, Daishan was jumping happily, not caring about the eyes of the maids and handymen. Lin Yao looked at the princess who didn’t look like a mistress, and smiled helplessly, but there was no gentleness in his smiling eyes.

West Yard,

“Baby (daughter-in-law) please peace to my mother!”

After kowtow respectfully, Daishan, like Xiaojiabiyu’s shy little daughter-in-law, raised the cup to offer tea to Guo Ruoluo.

Facing the Guo Ruoluo clan, Princess Daishan looked like she was completely reborn. There was no sheer arrogance at all. He was a scared little sheep, and Lin Yao was stunned.

“How is it? Did you sleep well last night?” Guo Ruoluo asked abruptly while drinking tea.

The princess immediately burned his ears, and Nono’s hands were flushed, not knowing where to put them.

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