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VIP Player

VIP Player
Other Name: VIP玩家

Genre: novel
Author: three nights pupil
Year: 2018
Chapter: N/A
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Xia Ning traveled to another world and obtained a VIP system. Basic privileges: Ten times the experience value, ten times the skill value, 100% crit, and one chance to draw a lottery for the artifact every month… In short, this privilege is dazzling! “That person is omnipotent, so powerful…” Faced with the praise, Xia Ning’s eyes suddenly became wet: “Friend, I was forced…”

Free Reading Highlights:
In 1245 of the parliamentary calendar, since the birth of the Noah Empire, peace has lasted for nearly a thousand years.

When Xia Ning woke up from his dream again, what Xia Ning saw was the oil-green open field and the dazzling sun on the blue sky. The slanting sunlight shone on his face, warm and comfortable.

Rubbing his eyes, sitting upright and lying on his side, his clothes were a bit moist, and the dew drops from the end of the grass on his clothes in the morning, bringing a little coolness.

Xia Ning is a little confused, what is this place?

In the morning, the birds screamed crisply, and you could see a clear blue river in the distance. Surrounded by an endless grassland, there was a dense forest not far behind. These are super inconsistent with the modern 21st century. The natural scene can actually appear in front of me so real?

Shaking his slightly dizzy head, Xia Ning recalled the last memory. It seemed that he had spent the whole night writing a novel manuscript to be submitted on the 20th of each month… Yes, it is the kind of profession you think… That’s it. This kind of profession that needs to betray one’s soul and morals and is always tortured by others’ black and hard torture…

Staying up all night is no longer a problem, and being blocked by the editor holding a whip at the door of the house is not a problem.

It seems that because of the overnight reason, I have successfully completed the dream of Huaxia’s thousands of middle and second-year young people (including him)…crossing.

After experiencing this incident, Xia Ning learned from the pain and realized two truths.

First, staying up late helps to cultivate immortals.

Second, stay up late, you can travel through.

Once you die, you can’t buy a loss, you can’t buy it once you die, you can’t be fooled by the cross brand Xiuxian Sudden-death, you deserve to have…

Feeling the strange reason for his death, a voice rang in Xia Ning’s mind: The VIP player system was activated.

A cold synthetic sound sounded in Xia Ning’s mind.

This system is committed to killing the player completely (the horizontal line in the middle is crossed out)… This system is committed to cultivating a player who can stand alone. The system will provide various privileges to serve the player. Even if it is not a game, it can still let you Players experience the VIP treatment in the game, please always believe that you are a VIP player, use the strongest privileges to crush all the enemies in front of you, and… please survive.

Xia Ning was stunned while listening to the voice in his mind, then raised his hand and said, “Teacher, what does that mean that you must live? Can I complain about it.”… Although I don’t know what the situation is, I always feel there is some conspiracy. Waiting for yourself?

The voice named VIP system ignored him, and continued to say in Xia Ning’s mind on his own: The permissions have not yet been opened, the system will present a basic privilege, and a random draw for a new privilege… Congratulations on getting 100% Times the power.

It’s like a person who does not have a human touch in his routine. After reading the above content, there is no other voice at all, and even Xia Ning’s previous questioning is not responded.

It’s really impersonal. Xia Ning thought. As a novel author, Xia Ning is a person who has read all kinds of novels on various themes, and he knows everything about the system…The system seems to be the benefit of the traveler, and now it has come to him. Fortunately or unfortunately… Xia Ning always felt like he was on a thief ship.

With the sound of the system falling, a line of small characters appeared in Xia Ning’s mind directly out of thin air.

Name: Xia Ning.

Level: 0.

Strength: 15, Wisdom: 23, Constitution: 14, Charm: 22.

Skill value: 0.

VIP space items: None.

Privilege: basic privilege, one hundred percent power privilege.

Task: No opening yet (please wait and see).

System: VIP system (produced from the annual welfare lottery of the Philia Void Consortium, no return request is accepted).

Xia Ning continued to look down, and there seemed to be a small note below the introduction of similar attributes in this line, which was an explanation of the only two privileges.

Basic privileges: Ten times the experience value, ten times the skill value, 100% crit, language proficiency, random chance to draw artifacts once a month (1/1).

One hundred percent and ten times the power privilege: Passive privilege, only effective for living creatures-no matter how big the power gap between oneself and a creature is, the power is ten times that of the other party.

Although I don’t know what is going on with this system, I feel so cool inexplicably, as if I have opened it myself, and I feel like I’m pretty awesome.

Xia Ning has determined that this system is his own welfare for the traverser, and then the “Waiting for the neck” and the “Anniversary lottery welfare of the Philia Void Consortium” are very worthy of complaining…Who added such a non-rigorous setting? of?

Xia Ning rubbed his little face severely, stood up, and then suddenly stopped…Because a figure stood in front of him abruptly, Xia Ning almost used his head to make intimate contact with the other party.

This person pulled the distance very close because of his standing up. Xia Ning hadn’t noticed that there was a person in front of him before. The other party didn’t know when he came to his side unconsciously and kept staring at him. And it was not found.

This is not the point… the point is that the distance between the two is almost even the tip of their noses, and the distance between the two cheeks is only the distance of a lollipop… Xia Ning could even smell the nice scent on her long hair…it should be the smell of shampoo.

Surprised that the other party could approach him quietly, Xia Ning took two steps back and looked at the person in front of him carefully.

That is a very beautiful girl. Wearing a dress embroidered with the Red Cross medal, holding a gem inlaid with all kinds of bright blind eyes that Xia Ning’s life can’t be exchanged for a lifetime. It is bright and dazzling, and it also reflects the light of all kinds of trenches. . The young girl is keeping her body leaning forward, her long black hair hanging down her snow-white neck, dignified and elegant, although she is dressed as a medieval European wizard, she herself feels like a slim lady.

“Young boy, why did you come to the wild alone?” The beautiful girl in front of her smiled slightly, her smile as warm as the rising sun behind her.

“I…” Xia Ning paused, “I’m lost.”

This was the first human being encountered. Judging from his outfit, he didn’t look like a normal person. Sure enough, he wasn’t really on Earth right now.

“Oh, that’s it.” The beautiful girl pulled her dangling hair behind her delicate ears.

“Master, what are you going to do?” A voice rang out abruptly behind him, and Xia Ning looked back, and a handsome, expressionless, cool guy stood behind him at some point.

This handsome man with facial paralysis is like a swordsman, carrying a long sword, as heroic as a swordsman in the game.

Xia Ning was secretly surprised that these people could be so close to him without being noticed. It was too terrifying. Before looking around, there was still no one within 100 meters around him.

However, before he could finish his emotions, another voice rang beside him, “Ah, it’s not good to let it go. He doesn’t have much magic power. If he let it go, he might become food for beasts.”

Xia Ning’s mouth twitched and turned to look. A decadent middle-aged uncle in a white magic robe stood beside him, grinning at him, showing a mouthful of white teeth… Meng Sao.

“Although it will delay the schedule of the mission, but if he is allowed to stay here, I am afraid he will not survive today…” The beautiful girl patted her hands, “Well, send him back to town.”

Hey, why did I just say that I’m lost? The three of you started discussing on your own, and decided my fate without authorization. Why should I obediently follow you back to the so-called town? , We don’t even know each other!

“There is no other way. Who made you get lost in the wild?” said the beautiful girl, introducing herself: “My name is Ou Liya and I am a mage.”

After speaking, a healed smile appeared…Oh, goddess.

Xia Ning looked at Ou Liya’s beautiful smile and thought contentedly.

No…this is not right…what’s wrong…

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