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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 58 Recap

Runyu is still planning a big wedding with Jin Mi. He discussed with Jin Mi that he wants to invite all the fans from the flower world to observe the gift, and Jin Mi chooses a color from many good papers as a wedding invitation to the fans. . Jin Mi couldn’t tell the color. She drew one at random, but accidentally picked green.

Liu Ying was devastated by Muci’s death, and shut herself in the room dripping water. King Biancheng invited Demon Zun Xufeng, hoping that he could persuade his daughter. Liu Ying pushed the door and told Xufeng and King Bian Cheng that she was pregnant with Muci’s flesh and blood, and she would protect herself and continue this love. Liuying told Xufeng that this time it was the King of Gucheng who colluded with Runyu to catch Muci and create a spirit arrow against him. The battle between the devil and the heavens was imperative. Liuying asked Xufeng to agree to catch the people behind the scenes. Mu Ci took revenge, and Xu Feng nodded in agreement.

Xu Feng was hit by Jin Dan again, and his hands began to freeze. Just as Suihe came to visit, she found that Xufeng had deliberately hidden her hand, and hurriedly wanted to check it out. Xufeng pushed her away in a hurry, only to find that Suihe’s ear had scars on the palm of the water system. Xufeng asked how the injury came, Suihe explained the scars left by Jin Mi’s attack last time, and acted like a baby to ask Xufeng to help take revenge. Xufeng nodded and agreed to ask Suihe to go out, but at the same time he also had a problem with Suihe. doubt. He ran to look outside Jiuying Cave and saw traces of colored glaze fire on the wall.

Xufeng came to look for Liuying. In fact, since the fairy under Moon came to look for him, he had already doubted Suihe. Today, I saw the scar on Suihe’s ear again. Although she lied that it was Jin Mi’s injury, Xu Feng realized that it was definitely not a new injury. Xu Feng said that he had always wanted to find out the cause of Luo Lin’s death, but he didn’t want to wrong Sui He for it.

Liu Ying attached to Xu Feng’s ear to tell the truth about a plot to test Sui He. Xu Feng shook his head hurriedly, thinking that he was sorry. Muci, Liuying told Xufeng that only Muci was in her eyes and in her heart, and she never cared about other people’s opinions, so Xufeng did not apologize to anyone, and Xufeng agreed.

Jin Mi woke up in the middle of the night and saw the nightmare beast spitting out yellow dream beads beside her. It was Jin Mi’s dream. In the dream, she and Xu Feng happily embraced each other. Jin Mi couldn’t help but smile when she saw the dream. Can’t forget Xufeng. She wanted to get up to get some air, but unexpectedly saw a light beam from Suihe heading straight to Runyu’s room. Jin Mi then rushed to the outside of Runyu’s temple to eavesdrop. It turned out that Suihe had discovered that Xufeng was frozen and painful. Then he came to Runyu and asked Runyu whether he had moved his hands and feet in the Ninth Rank Golden Core.

Runyu said lightly that he was only removing the burning medicine from the golden core. Suihe was furious and reprimanded Runyu for being mean. Knowing that Xufeng’s body was of the fire type, he also removed this medicine for the purpose of wanting Xu. Feng was tortured and claimed that Runyu played the role of Jinmi as a chess piece to the fullest. Runyu threatened Suihe to tell Xufeng who was the real person who rescued Xufeng, but Suihe warned Runyu that if Jinmi knew that he had misled Jinmi to suspect Xufeng, how would Jinmi feel.

Run Yutiao knew that Suihe had killed Luo Lin tomorrow morning, and advised Suihe to shut up and marry Xufeng obediently, otherwise, once it fell into his hands, he would kill Suihe to avenge Luo Lin, and Suihe brought Run Run Yu had no choice but to leave angrily. Jin Mi heard all the conversation between Runyu and Suihe. She asked with tears what Runyu wanted her to do. Runyu looked at Jin Mi like this and was very scared.

Runyu couldn’t help holding Jin Mi’s arm, but she was thrown off by Jin Mi. Jin Mi begged Runyu to let her go, saying that Runyu only loved herself. She reprimanded Runyu for being a gambler. On the day of marriage, Runyu knew that Xufeng would break in and that she would kill Xufeng. It was Runyu who let herself kill her favorite, Jin Mi mocked herself. He smiled, thinking that the most wrong thing was himself, but he still believed in Runyu, killing Xufeng, and finally Jin Mi took out the dragon scales and threw it in front of Runyu, and left sadly.

Jin Mi pressed the old monarch to ask what the monolithic medicine was lacking in the Nine Turns Golden Elixir, and to destroy all the medicine. The Grand Master finally defeated, telling Jin Mi Jin Pill that there was more whiteness in Jin Mi’s Golden Pill. Bai Wei was an extremely cold thing, and was opposed to Vulcan’s system. The Supreme Master told Jin Mi that only Pengyu can relieve Baiwei’s cold, but Pengyu is a delicate and delicate nature, and will rot if it leaves the place of birth and health within three days.

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