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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 53 Recap

Xu Feng has never forgotten his parents’ hatred and murder. He looked at the sign posted by Runyu Zhao, determined to become a demon, and confronted Runyu. Xu Feng knew that he needed a careful plan to overthrow King Gucheng. King Biancheng said that he had previously planted an extraordinary soldier to deal with this matter, so he called him in.

Xufeng saw that this person was exactly the same as Lichuan. King Biancheng said that he was Lichuan’s twin brother Moqi, and whether Xufeng’s goal could be achieved also depended on a key figure, who was helped by Liaoyuanjun. The king of the city, the Lord Liaoyuan who saved people in the mortal world, planted good causes and accumulated good fruits for the current Xufeng, which can be regarded as the spirit of comfort in the sky.

Mo Qi met with King Gucheng as Lichuan, saying that his life was better than death, and he didn’t understand why King Gucheng wanted to kill himself. King Gucheng explained that Xufeng had found out that he was planting crimson grass. If he did not die back then, everything would be over if he followed the vine and found himself.

Mo Qi continued to seduce King Gucheng, saying that without his Qiongqi plague needle, he would not be able to cultivate crimson grass. Now he pushes it cleanly, completely disregarding his own life and death. King Gucheng nodded and said yes, and admitted that he had killed King Yancheng.

King Gucheng wanted to kill Mo Qi, but Xu Feng appeared in time and asked King Qingcheng to preside over justice. The King of Gucheng conspired to murder the Demon Lord and framed the King of the City. The King Qingcheng took the position of the Demon Lord on behalf of the Sifang Twelve City as the great elder. Gucheng King was furious and wanted to kill King Qingcheng with the Devilish Pestle. He was hit by Xufeng. King Gucheng fled in panic. Liuying and Mu Ci went after him, but the King Gucheng escaped.

In Yujiang Palace, everyone from the demon world gathered together. King Qingcheng presided over the overall situation and asked everyone to elect a new demon. King Biancheng gave up his qualifications to be a demon and recommended Xufeng. The people of the Demon Realm are divided into two factions. Some worry about offending the Demon Realm, while others believe that Vulcan has helped the Demon Realm to calm the chaos and support him as a Demon Lord.

King Qingcheng believes that Xufeng has rescued the Demon Realm many times, and the Demon Realm and the Heaven are originally Two independent individuals, there is no offense, and Xu Feng has also saved King Qingcheng’s life, so King Qingcheng supports Xufeng as a demon.

King Qingcheng called out Xufeng, and asked him if he would become a member of the Demon Race and assume the position of Demon Lord. Before Xu Feng answered, he was stopped by the immortal Yuexia who hurried over. The fairy under the moon asked Xufeng to think clearly that if he chose the wrong one, he would give up the blood of the Celestial Dragon. Xu Feng never had any doubts.

He expressed his willingness to join the Demon Clan and dedicated his life to the demon world. Xu Feng drank the devil blood granted by King Qingcheng, and vowed to never have anything to do with Tianjieqiao Guiqiao Road. King Qingcheng awarded the meteor devil pestle to Xufeng, and Xufeng held the devil pestle high. The force of the devil pestle penetrated Xufeng, and Xufeng’s clothes changed into a demon venerable, and everyone willingly worshipped him as respect. King Bian Cheng and Liu Ying looked at this situation and they were naturally happy.

Kuang Lulai tells Runyu that Xufeng has become a demon. Runyu is surprised. Kuang Lu thinks that Xufeng’s move is to declare war on the heavens, and Runyu knows that Xufeng is no longer the original Xufeng. Yanyou came to accompany Jin Mi to relieve her boredom, telling Jin Mi that Xufeng’s temperament has changed drastically, and he is always willing to serve beautiful women. As long as he is willing to go to Yujiang Palace to serve, he will always refuse to come and persuade Jin Mi not to act.

The people who are in that way are sad. Jin Mi was fascinated by the Xufeng words that Yanyou had brought from the Demon Realm, but didn’t know that Runyu was already standing behind him. Runyu watched Jin Mi miss Xu Feng so much, and asked Jin Mi if she had thought about it, maybe Xu Feng didn’t want to see her at all. Jin Mi knew that she had no face to face Xu Feng, and she just wanted to see Xu Feng from a distance.

Xu Feng practiced too much, causing his hands to freeze and his whole body uncontrollably uncomfortable, so he had to use alcohol to suppress his discomfort. Suihe felt distressed when she saw this. She hugged Xufeng tightly, but Xufeng found the scar on Suihe’s hand. Suihe said that this was the scar left by the hidden bird to save Xufeng. Xufeng listened to it. So he took Suihe to the bird world to regain the position of the bird clan leader for Suihe.

Yin Que was executed on the spot by Xu Feng, and the other elders all returned to the Demon World after seeing this, and once again supported Suihe as the new leader of the Bird Race. The bird tribes took the bird spirit to the temple and let Suihe dispose of it. Suihe wanted to imprison the birdling in the prison, but Xufeng said that Suihe was too benevolent, so Suihe changed his mouth and put the birdling to death.

Kuang Lu was reporting to Runyu about the bird clan, but Gucheng King came to see him alone. King Gucheng proposed to help Runyu win the Demon Realm, but his condition was to return to the position of Demon Lord. King Gucheng was still planning to attack the heaven a few days ago, and Runyu didn’t trust him. However, the King of Gucheng proposed that he could find the Extinguishing Arrow to kill Xufeng, so that Runyu would never have trouble.

Runyu still put Jin Mi under house arrest in Xuanji Palace, and Yanyou had to ask the Moon under the fairy to help break the barrier. The fairy under Moon thought that this Xufeng incident was the result of Jin Mi’s conspiracy with Run Yu. He was angry with Jin Mi and wished that she would be tortured by the thunder and the earth. She said nothing to help. Runyu could say anything, for Jin.

Mi said a lot of good things, and then the fairy under the moon and Yanyou left for Xuanji Palace. With the help of the fairy under Moon, Jin Mi finally walked out of the enchantment. After thanking the fairy for many rescues, she decided to visit Xufeng in the devil world.

In the Demon Palace, Xu Feng was drinking and enjoying dancing at ease, but suddenly Long Yan was furious. It turned out that a demon servant took the wrong fruit and placed a plate of grapes in the hall. Jin Mi knew that this was because Xu Feng hated herself so much that she hated grapes so much. She did not dare to move forward, but returned to the side of the Liuzi Pool in the heavens, watching the withered Phoenix tree weeping. She decided to give herself a chance. If the phoenix tree can bloom this time, she will see Xufeng again.

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