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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 48 Recap

Several people immediately came to the Phixiang Hall to check. The chief of Phixiang Hall regretted the deliberate change of the dossier back then, leaving a suicide note to commit suicide. Jin Mi thinks that since the principal committed suicide in fear of committing sin, he would have to leave a suicide note, and he did not believe it. Jin Mi asked Runyu how he could tamper with the color of dream beads.

Runyu said that he had heard that the Meng Tuo Sutra could change the color of dream beads, but he did not admit that he had read it. After hearing these explanations, Jin Mi knew that he had really wronged Xu Feng, and fainted. In the dream, Jin Mi came to Shuanghua again. It turned out that Shuanghua had always been trapped inside herself. Jin Mi woke up from her dream and realized that it was Phoenix that she had always loved, and she couldn’t help crying.

The hidden bird bought Suihe’s entourage, Suiling, and asked her to report Suihe’s whereabouts daily. Que Ling reported that Suihe had no abnormalities during the day, but he often went out in the middle of the night and appeared in Wangchuan. Yin Que came to run Yu to discuss the matter. He suspected that the innate soul had managed to keep Vulcan Yipao before the death, Jin Mi happened to hear the news and was very happy.

She came to Wangchuan and asked the boatman if he had seen Xufeng’s soul, but the old man said that Xufeng was a noble body, and his soul would not live here. After the boatman left, Jin Mi seemed to see Xufeng in the river. She jumped off the Wangchuan River and wanted to get closer to Xufeng, but was entangled by the resentful spirits in the Wangchuan River and couldn’t move.

Jin Mi returned to the palace, his whole body bitten by the wraith in the Forgotten River Hanoi. He asked Runyu if Xufeng was still alive, but Runyu shook Jin Mi’s hand, hoping that she would see her silent contribution. Jin Mi took out his hand, and Xiang Runyu admitted that he only had Xu Feng in his heart.

Suihe came to the Demon World to find the Demon Venerable, and wanted to use the power of the Demon Venerable to retake the Bird Race for her, and the Bird Race would swear allegiance to her death in the future. Mozun forced Suihe to agree, but Suihe did not agree. The bird tribe has no personnel, and the devil world cannot collude. Suihe is very worried about his future.

Mozun asked Liuying to meet and praised her for being the most promising person among the juniors. He wanted to ease the relationship with Biancheng Prince’s Mansion and said that he appreciated Liuying very much. Mozun also pointed out to Liuying that the biggest disaster in the Demon Realm at present, one is the Heaven Realm, and the other is the Wo Li Dou. King Gucheng showed Liu Ying the contract of alliance between himself and Xiantian Emperor Taiwei, saying that the tragedy of the Exterminating Clan was handled by Xiantian Emperor.

Now that the heavens are preliminarily determined, he has the heart to unify the six realms, hoping that Liu Ying can be a forward. After Jiuying returned, Mu Ci said that this was probably a trick by the King of Gucheng to make Jiuying a striker for himself. Mu Ci didn’t want her to participate in these disputes, and he wanted to spend the remaining years in peace.

In Feiluan Palace, Suihe recalled the entrustment he had made to himself before the death of the Emperor half a year ago. He sealed Xufeng’s soul in Huandifengling, and asked Suihe to save her. Suihe swore to Xufeng who was unconscious. Even if he walked all over the six realms, he still had to find a way to save him. Yin Que broke into Feiluan Palace with a group of followers and was stopped by Sui He. She blamed Yin Que for breaking into the ground and deceiving people too much, but Runyu rushed to say that it was her own idea and wanted to see her Did you do anything rebellious?

The two broke into the inner hall and saw Xufeng who was in a coma. He immediately ordered the hidden bird to break Xufeng, but found that this person was transformed by a bird. Suihe explained that he just used this flying bird to imagine the body of the Second Highness, as a sorrow. After all, the death of Xufeng’s body is something everyone knows. If Runyu can’t tolerate a fake bird, I don’t know what it is. Whose face is more ugly.

Runyu came to the Demon Realm and wanted to form an alliance with King Biancheng, but the condition was that King Biancheng collected Xufeng Yuanling and destroyed it. Xufeng is kind to King Biancheng and his daughter, but King Biancheng doesn’t want to do anything with them

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