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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 44 Recap

King Gucheng’s army surrounded Liuying and Muci. Fortunately, Xufeng descended from the sky and suppressed King Gucheng’s army with fire spells. King Gucheng refused Xufeng’s participation on the grounds of family affairs, but Xufeng accused King Gucheng of exceeding his power, saying that he had ordered the Emperor of Heaven to assist King Gucheng to investigate the death of Demon Lord, so as not to kill the innocent. Xu Feng took three days as the boundary, and after finishing speaking, he took away King Biancheng and others.

Xufeng asked Liuying to bring the magic doctor who was diagnosed to the death of the demon to question. The magic doctor diagnosed that the king of Yancheng seemed to have been poisoned by the purple grass on the day, but he was not sure about it. Liu Ying remembers that her father once mentioned the crimson grass. It is said that it was first grown in the Demon Valley.

The land where it is located is not alive, and the beasts are dead, and it can poison the people of the Demon Race. Burn it out with sky fire. Mu Ci said that he had heard that the King of Medicine Lichuan wanted to re-cultivate this grass 700 years ago, but was imprisoned in a demon prison and disappeared after being released. Xufeng decided to try to find Lichuan first to see if this grass had been developed successfully.

The crimson grass can only grow in extremely cold places, and several people decided to start here first. Mu Ci found a barrier on the mountainside of Mount Mi, and the temperature inside the barrier was extremely low. Xufeng and the others broke into the barrier and found that the crimson grass was really planted here. Xu Feng used fire spells to destroy the crimson grass and forced out of Lichuan.

The immortal under the moon came to visit Jin Mi, and found a lot of popular words from the Six Realms. I wanted to make Jin Mi happy. Jin Mi looked at the fairy and fanciful sentiments brought to him by the fairy under Moon, and asked the fairy about the essence of inner alchemy. The immortal of Yuexia said that the essence of inner alchemy is related to the life of the gods, so every god will hide his essence of inner alchemy in a place that only he knows. After hearing this, Jin Mi remembered this matter in his heart.

Xufeng went to see King Gucheng. In addition to the jasmine grass and Lichuan in Mishan, he also found Qiongqi’s plague needles. Now that Qiongqi is imprisoned in the heavens, it is impossible for the plague needle to flow out, but the king of Gucheng has taken care of Qiongqi for hundreds of years, and he has his plague needle in his hand. After Xufeng left, King Gucheng wanted his subordinates to destroy Lichuan, and he had to visit the heavens himself.

Muci’s corpse celestial silkworm reappeared. Liuying hoped that Muci could feed the corpse silkworm with his blood, but Muci asked Xufeng to burn the celestial silkworm in his body with colored glaze. Liuying did not want Muci for only ten Mu Ci hopes that she can live openly without being dependent on others, and love her upright. Upon seeing this, Xufeng persuaded Liu Ying to agree with Mu Ci’s opinion, and Liu Ying had to agree with the pain.

Xu Feng burned the corpse celestial silkworm in his body for Mu Ci, and told Liu Ying that Mu Ci’s body would become weaker and weaker in the future. Liu Ying said that she would take good care of Mu Ci, and Xu Feng said that as long as the two of them truly love each other, even a moment is worth it.

Xufeng and Liuying got the news that Lichuan committed suicide in the prison. The two carefully checked the environment of the prison, but found no clues. Xu Feng found King Bian Cheng and suggested to torture the guards in the prison, but Lord Liaoyuan suddenly appeared, saying that the Emperor of Heaven had learned that Xu Feng had detected the death of Demon Lord and ordered him to return to the heaven to receive the reward.

Xu Feng did not send this news back to the heavens, he was very surprised by what his father did. After Xu Feng returned to the heavens, the Emperor of Heaven returned the five-party military power to him, so that he should pay more attention to the affairs of the heavens in the future, and don’t think about it.

The move of the Emperor of Heaven caused Kuang Lu to complain about Runyu’s injustice, but Runyu said that this is the power of the Emperor of Heaven, so Kuang Lu should not worry about it. The emperor tested Runyu’s reaction, and Runyu was as humble as ever, indicating that Xu Feng was the head of the march. When it comes to war, those generals really don’t necessarily listen to them, not to mention that they are the trustees.

Xufeng went to the flower world to see Jin Mi, and the Lord Changfang told him that Jin Mi had to be filial and not see anyone in the past three years, so that he would not embarrass himself again. Jin Mi knelt in front of the tombs of the god of water and the god of flowers, remembering Xu Feng’s explanation of the scene of the murder of the god of water in his mind, and vowed in his heart that he would find a murderer and let him stand in front of everyone.

In the blink of an eye for three years, Runyu came to Huajie to accompany Jin Mi every day after losing value. Seeing that it was only three days when the two were married, Jin Mi was still depressed because of the death of the God of Water and the God of Wind. Runyu’s revenge has been planned for three years. After he returned to Xuanji Palace, he ordered Kuang Lu to inform the bird tribe and the three heavenly soldiers to rebel on the wedding day.

Jin Mi finally agreed with Xufeng on the day when she and Runyu were about to get married. She believed that Xufeng’s death was not the work of the water god, but her marriage with Runyu was the wish of the water god, and she was unable to violate it. She gave a strand of her own blue silk to Xufeng, and talked about giving it to Xufeng. Xufeng swore to Jin Mi that he would think of a way to cancel the marriage contract.

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