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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 43 Recap

The nightmare spit out a dream that recorded the entire process of the last person the water god saw using Liuli Jinghuo to kill him, and the wind god died here to save the water god. Jin Mi cried and blushed as he watched the tragic situation before the water god and wind god die. Jin Mi came to Pixiang Hall to find where the nightmare beast went. If the dream of the nightmare beast was real, then he must have been to Qiwu Palace. She looked for the dream urn in detail and found that it was indeed a phoenix dream.

Seeing that Yanyou couldn’t help Runyu to persuade him, he planned to bring the little loach back to the mire. He didn’t want to obliterate the innocent nature of the little loach. When they were about to leave, they ran into Runyu and Kuang Lu.

Kuang Lu proposed to let Little Loach decide on her own. Little Loach finally decided to stay with Runyu in Xuanji Palace, and Yanyou still wanted to leave this intriguing place. Seeing Yanyou so alienated himself, Runyu was very sad. He believed that he had never done anything to hurt the world and reason. He didn’t understand why others could be unscrupulous, but he was criticized for revenge.

The Emperor of Heaven praised Runyu’s great achievements in food adjustment and disaster relief in front of everyone, and praised him for being alone, not inferior to Vulcan. Yinque dedicated eight hundred miles of Taihu Lake to the heavens as a sign of loyalty. The Emperor of Heaven decided to present this Taihu Lake to Runyu as a commendation, and Runyu asked for instructions to relocate the displaced Dongting Aquatics to Taihu Lake.

Runyu brought Yanyou and Xiao Loach to Taihu Lake. He told Xiao Loach that this was his mother’s homeland and asked him to take good care of this land. The little loach happily got into the bottom of the lake. Yanyou told Runyu that he didn’t have to do this to show him on purpose, and asked him whether he was tired or not living so dripping water. Now that Runyu masters the eight directions of heaven and powers the heavens, Yan Li has already smiled at Jiuquan, but Runyu still refuses to stop, which shows that he has already deviated from his original intention.

In order to comfort the people in the flower world, Runyu sent generous gifts to the immortals and the little demon around Jin Mi, winning everyone’s praise. Jin Mi obeys her filial piety in the flower world, and Runyu finds Jin Mi to comfort her and persuades her to keep her filial piety at ease without worrying about others.

Jin Mi asked whether the Emperor of Water God would handle the case impartially, but Runyu knocked on the side, saying that it was the memorial to the Palace of Law Enforcement that the Emperor of Heaven had just pressed it, which was indeed suspicious. The water god was indifferent and indifferent to the world. Jin Mi knew that such a water god would not be able to cause murder, so she cried again.

Liuying and Mu Ci ran into King Biancheng’s army in the Demon Realm. After she heard that King Biancheng was going to feast on King Biancheng and the King of Gucheng after defeating the prestige of the leader, she decided to stay with Mu Ci for the night away to avoid the limelight.

At the banquet, King Biancheng and King Gucheng quarreled again. Mozun invited them to drink to relieve their sorrow, but vomited blood after drinking. King Biancheng was imprisoned by King Gucheng’s army for his role as the host of the banquet. The team leader came to the Liuying Inn to tell all about the matter, and also persuaded Liuying to trespass into the demon prison with him to rescue the city lord.

Liuying saw the suspiciousness and asked him why he could be alone and came to his inn quietly. Seeing that the incident was revealed, the leader led the army to arrest Liu Ying. Fortunately, Mu Ci’s spiritual power was so powerful that he restrained the group and gave Liu Ying time to flee and move the soldiers.

Xufeng saw Tu Yao, and seeing that the mother god didn’t deny it, she knew that the death of the water god was bound to her. Xufeng knew that what the mother god did was because of him in the final analysis. He had no position to protect Tiyao, nor could he explain it to Jin Mi, let alone what he could do to be worthy of his conscience.

Liu Ying came to the heavens to ask the Emperor to send soldiers to save his father, but the Emperor did not want to intervene in this matter. Liu Ying saw that her father had been wronged by others, yet the heavens still sat and watched. She couldn’t help but feel chilly, and left angrily after colliding with the Emperor.

After Liuying left, Runyu believed that if this matter were to be ignored, the three-legged demon world’s mutual check and balance relationship might no longer exist, and he has to guard against. Immortal Yuexia proposed to send someone to investigate this matter thoroughly. Although Runyu took the initiative to ask Ying, Immortal Yuexia suggested that it would be more appropriate to send Vulcan, who is more familiar with the affairs of the devil, to come forward.

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