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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 40 Recap

The Emperor of Heaven felt a little guilty for the Queen in recent years, and promised to pass on the throne to Xu Feng. He thought of having a fight with Tuyao and his wife, saying that he would save the queen of heaven. After all, the decent of the queen is also the decent of the Emperor.

Suihe’s resources are not enough to compete with the elders of the bird tribe, the hermit. After the queen loses power, Suihe’s position in the bird tribe is in jeopardy. The leaders of the bird tribe refuse to obey Sui and manage the bird tribe. Put pressure on the emperor of heaven in an attempt to re-negotiate terms with the heaven.

The Emperor of Heaven summoned Xufeng and said that he had the heart to say that he was located in Xufeng, and hoped that he would marry Suihe to consolidate the power of the resident bird clan. The Emperor knew that Xufeng liked Jinmi and said that the superiors must make choices, and Jinmi is what he needs to leave. That part. Xu Feng naturally disagreed, and the Emperor of Heaven was furious upon seeing this.

Runyu also came to the hall, reprimanding Xu Feng for being too naive, and deliberately trying to break up his marriage with Jin Mi. Xufeng asked the Emperor to cancel the marriage contract between the two, and the Emperor reprimanded Xufeng for being too arrogant and coveting his brother’s wife. With this, he relieved Xu Feng’s military power and ordered him to hand over the Chixiao Sword.

Liu Ying came to the hall to find Mu Ci, only to find that he had left a note and disappeared. He looked around for Mu Ci anxiously, was angry that he would leave without saying goodbye again, and vowed to find him even if he went through the six worlds. Liuying has been torturing herself. The king Bian Cheng felt distressed. She found Liuying to persuade her to take a break.

During the dispute between the two, the seal of Liaoyuanjun Zeng asked Liuying to fall out. King Biancheng recognized this at a glance. The private seal of King Qingcheng, the elder of the demon world, Liuying thought that King King Qingcheng had a lot of knowledge, and perhaps he could use this seal to save Muci.

Suihe asked the emperor to send troops to the bird tribe to correct the chaos, but Runyu did not agree with the emperor to send troops. Go to Yimiaozhou for detailed investigation and severely punish those behind the scenes. After hearing this, the Emperor felt that Runyu’s words were reasonable, so he agreed to Runyu’s proposal. Runyu began to deliberately win the appreciation of the Emperor of Heaven. He often expresses himself intentionally or unconsciously in front of the Emperor of Heaven. He also talked to the Emperor of his childhood.

The emperor admired Runyu very much, and said that his previous performance was only due to Tu Yao’s too many eyes and ears, and he often ignored him in order to protect Runyu. The emperor saw that Runyu had courage and strategy, and he was also particularly calm. On the other hand, Xu Feng’s recent surly and rebelliousness was disappointing. Therefore, the Emperor of Heaven decided to hand over the soldiers and horses of the Wufang Portal under Xufeng’s control to Runyu’s leadership.

Suihe came to Visuo Prison to find Tuyao to discuss countermeasures. Tuyao spent his life training in Suihe. With the blessing of Liuli Jinghuo, Suihe also has enough strength to revive the bird race.

Runyu played against the God of Water, and Runyu managed to win the whole game with steady steps, and was praised by the God of Water. When the two were talking, Xu Feng also came to find the God of Water, wanting to make amends to the God of Water and Jin Mi on behalf of Tu Yao. The water god refused Xu Feng’s request to see Jin Mi, and Run Yu also helped Xu Feng to go back.

Xufeng unexpectedly met Jin Mi on the way back to the palace, but Jin Mi still placed him thousands of miles away. Xu Feng said that now that his military power has been cut and his mother is in jail, his father forced him to marry someone else. If Jin Mi swayed again, he would really not be able to hold it. Jin Mi said that although she would not hate Xufeng, the two could not be together anymore.

Xufeng knew that the Queen was Jin Mi’s mother-killing enemy, and said that she was not qualified to stand by her side and asked if she really wanted to marry Runyu. Jin Mi said that as long as Runyu and Water God are happy with them, it is enough. Xu Feng approached Jin Mi step by step, and Jin Mi’s heart began to ache again. She also told Xufeng that whenever Xufeng approached her, her heart ache unexpectedly.

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