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Wild Butterfly (Hiroki Kusumoto) Manga

Wild Butterfly (Hiroki Kusumoto) Manga (Manga)
Other Name: Wild Butterfly (KUSUMOTO Hiroki) ; Kokkyou no Chou ; 国境の蝶

Genres: manga, Shounen ai, Demons, Historical, Supernatural, Tragedy, Vampire
Hiroki kusumoto
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A collection of 5 short stories: 1) Wild Butterfly It is wartime, and Oliver takes up a job as an adjutant teacher at a small village school. When an unorthodox new teacher, Mikhail, arrives – the once somber and bleak campus becomes filled with new life. Soon the classrooms formerly stifled under strict imperial rule begin to reverberate with the children’s joyful laughter…but will the ray of sunshine known as Mikhail really be able to stay forever? 2) Senyoden – Legend of the Demon Oracle About the meeting between a traveler and a demon who was once human. 3) The Strange Tale of Shiramine Based on the legend of Emperor Sutoku, the 75th Emperor of Japan. 4) Fangs A young man suspects that his vampire lover is cheating on him… 5) Tomuraishi – Protector of the Dead Someone is trying to raise the dead. Enter one truly cool dude to lay them back down. *Note: Only the 4th story, ‘Fangs’ contains BL. The other four are simply short stories with a shoujo flavour.

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