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Instructor, I Don’t Want to Be Warm

Instructor, I Don’t Want to Be Warm (Novel)
Other Name: 教官,我不想晒弯

Genre: novel
Author: Napoleon’s Water
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Jiang Xian feels Tan Yuanci and accidentally discovered a “beauty” during military training. As a result, this beauty turned out to be an instructor with his force max? First attracted by the good-looking face and then subdued by the gentleness under the indifferent appearance.

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The first is a hot dance performance. The young and beautiful girls took off their military uniforms and regained the vitality and breath of their age. The neat dance and deafening music ignited everyone’s passion. After they went down, there were applause and kind whistles from time to time. The show went on smoothly in the host’s clever scenes.

It may be because it is about to leave the military training base, or it may have been a long time since there has been no entertainment. Everyone watching the performance under the stage was extremely excited, and applauded with their greatest enthusiasm regardless of the program.

Jiang Xian felt a little nervous at first, but now he is more relieved by the situation underneath. It is estimated that if he sings out of tune on it, someone will come up to give flowers.

Jiang Xiangan asked about the performance and learned that there was one next to him. So he checked everything again, and after making sure it was correct, he arranged his clothes and prepared to play.

His last show was a poem recitation. It is a long poem written by a classmate of a company. The content mainly talks about his mental journey after coming to military training and his gratitude to the instructors. I felt very satisfied, but the content was too boring, but it also won a lot of encouraging applause.

When Jiang Xiangan saw that classmate had come down, he immediately walked to the waiting area and prepared to play.

After putting on makeup again, the host who looked very beautiful under the light smiled sweetly to everyone: “Is there a song that makes your eyes very tender when you hear it? I think I do. Whenever I hear this song, it’s like going back to the most ignorant years. When I think of the person who secretly put it in my heart, my mouth is smiling. Then I will invite classmate Jiang Xiangan to bring us A “Little Love Song”, let us listen quietly together and listen to this little love song that is sung to the bottom of our hearts.”

Immediately after the host finished speaking, someone went up and moved a chair to the front of the stage, adjusted the position of the microphone, and then signaled that Jiang Xiangan could come on stage.

Jiang Xiangan carried a guitar borrowed from the company and stepped onto the stage, found a place to sit down.

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