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Tian Yao replaces Sui Dynasty

Tian Yao replaces Sui Dynasty (Novel)
Other Name: 天要代隋 / Tian Yao Dai Sui

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Mo Xiao Wang
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Zheng Yi, at the end of the Sui Dynasty, this is the age of heroes, Tian Khan Li Shimin, Yao Wang Sun Simiao, fireworks ancestor Li Tian, ​​Yin Xiong Wang Shichong, The independent husband and the thief Yang Guang, the loyal and righteous Yang Yichen, the woman who dares to love and hate Ashinayun, and the king’s woman Zheng Yi…

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While the Yang brothers were talking, they only heard the horns blaring, drums thundering, and shouting in front of both sides. “Ooooooooooo~!”

“Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom~!”

“Drink, drink, drink~!”

The flags of both sides kept surging, and the competition began!

I saw that a man suddenly rushed out of the right-wing Turkic formation on the opposite side, holding a machete, and shouting at the Great Sui army formation: “Ah! I am Mulai, a warrior under the special service, who dares to fight me on the opposite side? Compete!”

Yang Yanlang chuckled when someone from Turkic called for a battle, and he was about to fight forward.

No way, Yang Di naturally likes this highly anticipated feeling, personal heroism! Moreover, I have just arrived, and I just need to contribute to the establishment of prestige in the Shuozhou army. The machete brawny’s weapon is too short, and his own long hair has an innate advantage.

Saburo Yang Yanqing on the side suddenly stopped Yang Yanlang with a hand and smiled and said: “The first person to appear usually has two brushes. Let me find the way for you first. Good steel needs to be used on the blade.”

After finishing speaking, Yang Yanqing brought his horse forward and shouted: “Yang Yanqing from Shuozhou, come here for a while!”

After the two had announced their names, Yang Yanqing shouted loudly and waved a huge axe to kill Mulai first as the stimulating drums of both sides sounded.

When Mulai saw Liu Gan killing him, he cried strangely, brandishing a scimitar, and rushed towards Yang Yanqing.




Because he was using a giant axe, Yang Yanqing deliberately opened the distance before the two horses crossed. Yang Yanqing relied on the advantage of the weapon’s length to attack three times. He was unscathed, rushed through more than ten steps, and turned around.

And because of the weapon, Mulai was hit by the huge force from the giant axe, and the scimitar was shaken off his hand, and the weapon fell lonely in the field.

Seeing that Mulai’s weapon was released, the Turks knew that he had suffered a weapon loss, and immediately there was a wolf rider holding a wooden pole and handing it to Mulai.

Although Mulai is not at a loss in weapons now, his arrogance has been put away. The prairie man is still accustomed to using a machete. The cost of the horse 槊 used by the standard generals is too high, and the personal skills of the generals are also very high. Many of the methods are single pass. Although Mulai will make Ma Li, he is far from smooth.

Yang Yanqing was not ready to wait for Mulai to become familiar with the weapon, and when he saw that the opponent’s weapon was in hand, he immediately drove the mount to accelerate towards Mulai.

Mulai screamed again and pierced Yang Yanqing’s abdomen.

Yang Yanqing saw the attack, holding the giant axe diagonally with both hands, and the handle of the axe tilted to the lower left. When the long stroke came, he suddenly exerted force with his left hand, opened the front with the stick diagonally upward, and then swung the giant axe horizontally. Murai’s waist.

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