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Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms (Novel)
Other Name: 马踏三国

Genre: novel, historical
Author:Da Kunyi
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Ma Chao, reborn at the end of Han Dynasty, Ma Chao chooses to fight for himself. Blitz? no problem! Tough battle? no problem! trade war? no problem! Darker than belly? No problem! Shenweitian general came to the world, commanding thousands of elites, his subordinates, powerful generals and think tanks each made their best efforts, stepping on the three kingdoms with iron feet, unifying the troubled times, completing the national integration, let the banner of the Han people fly on every inch of the earth!

Free reading:
The overwhelming attack of rockets lit up the sky. The aliens began to panic. They tried their best to find a place that could block the rain of arrows, but this small town was already small, and at this moment, it was crowded with nearly two thousand aliens. There was no room for them to find arrows. ?

Accompanied by screams, the aliens were ruthlessly harvested by the fallen rockets. More than one hundred aliens died suddenly on the spot! That’s not to say, even if they are dead, they still play a role, it’s just counterproductive. Their bodies began to be swallowed by flames, and then spread to the vicinity, igniting more things that can be burned, making the fire in the town even more uncontrollable.

The most terrible thing is that behind the aliens, at the entrance of the small town, there was a sudden sound of Han people shouting and killing. A young general with a white horse and silver spear appeared in the sight of the aliens. Behind him, hundreds The famous cavalry was divided into two rows, blocking the exit of the town, and in their hands, they also held the rocket that the aliens most wanted to see at this moment!

Zhao Yun, appeared at the right time according to the previous plan, and completely blocked the aliens’ way of life!

There was Ma Chao in front and Zhao Yun in the back. On the mountains on both sides of the town, there were three thousand new troops led by Tai Shici. Arrows and falling rocks kept falling from the air, and the fire in the town became more and more fierce. , The snuffing smoke rolled in large swaths, and the despair in the eyes of the alien rebels grew stronger.

The fire took advantage of the wind, and with the help of combustors, the flame burned violently, and the entire town became a sea of ​​flames.

“Strengthen me in the West Liangfeng, raise my great Han Tianwei! Kill!” Ma Chao exhausted all the strength in his chest and shouted. He shouted passionately and sentenced the alien rebels to death!

The elite cavalry who blocked the entrances and exits of the town were all elite subordinates of Ma Chao. They were selected by Ma Teng in the Wanjun army. They have experienced countless battles. How can their combat effectiveness be? Can it be measured by a simple word of “Elite”?

After hearing Ma Chao’s chant, every elite cavalry shook their spirits. With the soaring fire in the town, their sight became clear. They changed the projectile to a flat one, and the sharp arrows they shot almost Every arrow is shot out. Among the chaotic rebels in the town, there will be an alien rebel who rolls and falls under the horse. Even if it is not shot by a sharp arrow on the spot, it will soon be his companion. Our messy horseshoes trampled into mud.

The morale of the three thousand local troops located on the high mountains on both sides of the town was also rising at this moment. They were defeated by alien rebels because they were unprepared, and they sighed in their hearts for a long time. Now they have been reactivated by Ma Chao, giving them a chance for revenge, and even hiding them on the mountain in advance to make them stable. The land is in an invincible place and can kill foreign rebels as much as possible, but the rebels cannot pose a threat to them, so after hearing Ma Chao’s shouts, they also yelled and gathered their hearts for days. All of his anger was turned into strength and vented out, and he continued to scatter into the small town in a dense range, harvesting the lives of the rebels; those without bows and arrows in his hands were constantly looking for stones from the mountains, killing him. Drop it down!

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