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The Teahouse Healing Handbook

The Teahouse Healing Handbook (Novel)
Other Name: 茶馆治愈手册

Genre: novel, Tanmei
Author: Tang Xiaoding
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Tang Tang, a poor student, entered the tea house by mistake. Under the lure of sister Pipa, he signed a contract and became a good employee in the tea house. The boss is a mysterious person, Daji is a little loli, and Sister Pipa is a big beauty. She should have lived a leisurely life and declared bankruptcy after a series of guests broke in.

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Tang Tang was surprised at first when he heard that Da was in charge of Jiang Ziya, and then happy. You must know that this Daji has been eaten by Jiang Ziya to death, and now in charge of him, it is really dumb to eat Huanglian, and there is hardship to tell.

He took a special look at Daji’s expression, and it was as disgusting as eating a fly.

But Jiang Ziya was like a spring breeze and got his wish.

He pretended to say: “This is not great, anyway, Jiang Ziya is also my guest…”

Sister Pipa smiled gently: “You have just arrived, so you are not responsible for the three guests, and now you are in a lawsuit and lack energy.”

Da Ji yelled, “If you feel bad, you can bring everyone with you!”

The two of them could not speak at the same time, but were as clever as Tang Tang, and selectively listened to what Sister Pipa said.

“So… Thank you Sister Pipa for your concern, Jiang Daxian will leave it to Daji.”

As she said, she didn’t forget to smile sweetly at Daji, but the proud of her smile straightened her teeth.

Lao Yang on the side looked at this scene, feeling a little at a loss. There were all great immortals in it. When did Donald Duck become so familiar with the great immortals?

Wen Ruyan put his hand on Tang Tang’s shoulder: “If there is anything you need, you can tell me directly, and I will check it with you.”

“Are you not going to work?”

“Go, but it doesn’t affect me to accompany you to investigate the case.” Wen Ruyan smiled.

Sister Pipa explained from the side: “Tang Tang, as said, is a friend of the boss.”

Oh! The evil capitalist!

When he personally sent everyone upstairs, Tang Tang relaxed and became what Lao Yang knew.

He spread out on the only sofa in the hall, narrowed his eyes, shaking his legs, and making a look of enjoyment.

The chair in this torture room is really uncomfortable!

“Let’s talk about Lao Yang, what did you experience that night?”

Tang Tang really knew Lao Yang, and naturally knew that what he said just now was not true at all.

This kid’s temperament, even if he is dead, is exactly the same as when he was alive!

Lao Yang didn’t speak, but just took a look at Wen Ruyan on the side.

Wen Ruyan understood, and said to Tang Tang: “Let’s talk first, I will go upstairs to see Tang Seng and the others.”

However, Tang Tang grabbed Wen Ruyan and told him instinctively that this person had better stay.

“Lao Yang, this is my newly recognized brother, he is a more capable person, just talk about it, it’s okay.” Tang Tang said.

Even though Tang Tang said so, Lao Yang was still a little worried. He glanced at them worriedly, and then stopped saying: “Donald Duck, this is the business of the three of our brothers…”

“It’s okay!” Tang Tang waved his hand, “It’s something, there must be an outsider present, he can prove it, if there isn’t, it won’t be clear where he goes to reason!”

After listening to this, Lao Yang turned his head to think for a long time and felt very reasonable, so he stopped hiding it. He looked at Tang Tang’s eyes and looked serious: “It’s Xiao Zhao.”

“Xiao Zhao?” Tang Tang was taken aback.

Old Yang nodded solemnly, “Yes, Xiao Zhao did it all!”

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