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The Protagonist Can’t Want to Raise Me

The Protagonist Can’t Want to Raise Me (Novel)
Other Name: 主角不可能想撩我

Genre: novel, Tanmei novel
Author: Cynomorium
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Shen Xian Gu Huanqing, he has the treasures of heaven and earth, but can’t get them. The only way to open is to confess to Shen Xian. Gu Huanqing has always been Shen Xian’s five best young people, and this idea has never wavered after the two met.

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Looking at the young man who was taller than him, Shen Xian matched the image of Qi Chen in his mind. This is the person he set! Shen Xian satisfactorily scanned Qi Chen from top to bottom. Hearty personality, tall figure, sunny smile, the whole image of a perfect big boy next door.

Although Qi Chen called Gu Huanqing a senior, he was three years older than him. When he was accepted as a disciple by Qinghe Zhenren, Gu Huanqing had followed Qinghe for more than two years, and the senior brother called out like that.

Although he is a junior, Qi Chen, as the oldest child, has always cared for Gu Huanqing and Yunxuan like a brother. No matter what happens, Qi Chen is always standing beside them and supporting them.

And this Qi Chen, who puts his brothers first in everything, remained alone until the end, and he was really focused on the two.

While Shen Xian was looking at Qi Chen, the other party also noticed him, and said in amazement: “Are you a new disciple of Master?”

Shen Xian smiled awkwardly.

I don’t know what Qi Chen thinks. The cultivation base of the distracting stage looks at the entire cultivation world. It can be considered a profound cultivation level. It can recruit apprentices on its own. It does not need to worship Yuanhe Zhenren who is only one level higher than him. division.

“He is my Taoist companion.” Gu Huanqing smiled.

Qi Chen glanced at Shen Xian, folded his arms and looked at the lively expression: “You can relax a little while others are watching.”

“What did I lie to you?” Gu Huanqing smiled. “Otherwise, how could he come in so easily.”

Gu Huanqing’s expression didn’t seem to be lying, Qi Chen looked at Shen Xian hesitantly against the black briquettes, and the latter opened his face to accept his gaze.

After a long while, Qi Chen vigorously patted Gu Huanqing on the shoulder and printed a black handprint on his plain clothes.

“Yes, you can bring back a sister-in-law after a mission down the mountain.”

Shen Xian twitched his eyebrows, curled his lips and smiled: “Sister-in-law?”

Qi Chen was taken aback, and quickly changed his words: “Oh, you are rash, don’t care.”

Shen Xian shook his head gently with a smile and turned to leave.

Qi Chen looked at Shen Xian’s back in a daze, looked at Gu Huanqing, and swallowed his saliva: “It’s over, brother, you have to say something for me.”

Gu Huanqing smiled and patted him on the shoulder, leaving Qi Chen aside, and quickly chased after Shen Xian who had already gone far away.

Hearing the footsteps, Shen Xian looked back at Gu Huanqing, stopping to wait for Gu Huanqing to follow: “Where do you live?”

“These two rooms are Yunxuan Qichen’s residence, and the other one is mine.” Gu Huanqing pointed to the next house, and he looked at Shen Xian’s expression. “Qi Chen likes to make jokes. You don’t need to care about him. if.”

“Yeah.” Shen Xian replied. Qi Chen didn’t pay much attention to Qi Chen’s joke, and he just heard it.

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