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The Powerful Wife

The Powerful Wife (Novel)
Other Name: 权宠悍妻

Genre: novel, historical
Author: June
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Chen Jinning and Li Liangsheng, the protagonist of the Guogong Mansion, married a general as his wife and helped him become a famous general, but was rejected by her husband and her mother-in-law. Doting on the little concubine, using the nemesis as a caesarean section, and taking her to kill her. Killing enemies, rebirth from Nirvana, she killed her scheming sisters, punished her vicious stepmother, and regained her mother’s dowry. Both the scumbag and the concubine died under her sword one by one.

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Jinning slowly raised her blood-red eyes, “Get away!” The butler smiled gloomily, “Miss San, this mansion is still in charge of the mansion. I’m sorry, I only listen to the mansion. Commanded.”

“I’ll say it again, get away!” Jinning’s voice was wrapped in a strong anger.

But the housekeeper was not afraid, and even seemed to deliberately provoke Jinning, “I was ordered to make Haitang not be able to leave here alive, and the third lady put Haitang down and I retreated.”

Jinning drew out the Liuyun whip, swiped it in the air, and the whip fell straight on the butler’s head.

The butler did not dodge, the blood stayed along his forehead, but it was extremely hideous, “Miss San, I will get this whip back.”

He slowly backed away, just to get the whip just to stop him.

Jinning knew the methods of these people, and even in her anger, she didn’t care at all.

She returned to the Lihuayuan with Haitang in her arms, and as soon as she was settled, she heard rushing footsteps and voices outside.

“Master Guo, the minion also stopped him, but Miss San used a whip to beat people without saying a word…”

It was the voice of the housekeeper, complaining in a humble manner.

Chen Jinning walked out and stood leaning against the door, watching his father and Changsun lead a group of domestic slaves entering through the arch.

“Father!” she said quietly, her face pale after being seriously injured, but her eyes were unusually sharp.

“You still know to come back!” Chen Guogong’s face was full of anger, staring at Jinning, and these words came out from between his teeth.

“Isn’t this my home?” Jin Ning smiled coolly, her eyes fell on the faces of the group of people behind him, and Long Sun Yan’er also hid behind Zhang Sun’s, showing her proud eyes, “So much People come to my Lihuayuan? This is something I have never experienced since I came back from Zhuangzi.”

Chen Guogong said angrily: “Where did you go one night? What shameless things did you do?”

Jinning smiled lazily, and walked over with her half lame leg, “You said that I did shameless things, and you condemned me, so why ask?

Chen Guogong’s anger came up, and the Changsun family quickly calmed down, “Don’t be angry for the time being, Lord Guo, this kid Jinning is stubborn, if it is hard to fight, it will be bad.”

Chen Guogong heaved a sigh of relief, and after all he spoke slowly, “The Hou Mansion is here to divorce today, but since you have saved Lord Hou, I will persuade them to accept you as a concubine.”

Chen Jinning squeezed her hand, her fingertips turned white, “Concubine? I don’t want to be a regular wife, so will I marry him as a concubine?”

It seemed that she was anxious to find her shameless daughter from the Hou Mansion.

“I can’t help you!” Chen Guogong’s voice sank, and his anger was almost uncontrollable. “Forget about your yesterday’s sins and Zhang’s mother’s affairs. As far as she goes, she is not going to die. She has been serving you for two years, and so is The person your mother sent here, you killed her for a little thing, how vicious?”

Chen Jinning sneered, her wound was so painful, her voice seemed to be burnt, “I have only one mother, she is dead, if my father thinks I killed Mama Zhang too much, he will send me to the yamen and let the people in the yamen break Distinct.”

“You are unreasonable!” Chen Guogong’s anger also came up. So Ri, he was a majestic man. Such a low profile was due to her accusation that day, which reminded him of being ashamed of his dead wife. Are you embarrassed to move your mother out? You only humiliate her!”

Chen Jinning was not at all angry, but raised a slightly sad eyes, “Yes, I don’t want to mention my mother, but what can I do? If you don’t mention your mother, will your father recite this father-daughter affection? If you don’t Nian, how can I survive in this government office? A minion dare to poison my food, and a stepmother whose aunt comes up can also arrange her niece and niece to occupy the seat that belongs to me. I have nothing What I depend on, I have nothing but a dead biological mother and a father who never takes me to heart.”

She slowly leaned against the tree trunk behind her, pretending that she couldn’t see the frightened expression on his face, and continued: “If my mother is still alive, and seeing what happened to me today, I don’t know how I will feel distressed? Just, if my mother I’m still alive, how can I fall here?”

Chen Guogong said coldly: “You agree or disagree, and can’t change my decision. Your personal morals are corrupted and you run away with others. The Hou Mansion can accommodate you as a concubine. This is your best way out. You eloped, I have already After spending money to conceal it, no one will remember it after a year or two. You’d better not make trouble and lose my face.”

Chen Jinning said indifferently: “Now that you are retiring, your face can still be preserved, otherwise, I will have a big wedding banquet and when I tie my father to the sedan chair, the face of Lord Hou and his father will not be preserved.”

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