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The Overbearing Demon Must Be Healed

The Overbearing Demon Must Be Healed (Novel)
Other Name: 必须治愈霸道魔头

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: Jun Muiquanxia
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Rong Wanjin and Zhaoyuan Yun accidentally broke into another space, and Rong needs to complete the love game with the demon. Suffering and attacking are all one person, and every attack in the world is his reincarnation.

Free reading:
On the playground of the interstellar prison. Jin Zhao was prostrate on the ground, his struggling knees mixed with blood were crushed into the concrete ground, and he was gasping for breath.

Pain, severe pain, the whole body bone head was crushed and disassembled and reorganized. No part of the skin exposed from the tattered prison uniform was intact. The bruises and blood scabs were mottled and ugly, just like his blind right eye.

He was like a dying fish on the shore, with his hollow eyes open, his thin fingers stretched out in the void. The knuckles of that hand had long been cracked, even revealing the dense bones inside. After grabbing a handful of dirt, he was violently stepped into the dirt—!

“Want to struggle? Did you make a mistake, a sick ghost! Just blind your eye, OK?”

A hand slammed his body over, and accompanied by a scornful laughter, the violent foot ran over his other eye.

Severe pain came from his eye sockets, and Jin Zhao curled up his abdomen, but he was struggling to death no matter what-his feet and hands were trapped by magnet locks, and he couldn’t even squeeze his fists.

“Forget it, no matter how you beat him, this monster doesn’t say a word. It’s boring. I heard that a general is coming to pick a slave today. Hurry up!” The big assailant spit on him and left with a smile.

A bloody wind blew over the wire fence above the prison, mixed with disgusting insults.

Jin Zhao spit out a mouthful of blood, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his barely able hand, supported himself with his elbow and barely stood up, swaying like a deadly sick ghost in the crowd. He stood there for a long time, and indifferently wiped off the messy shoe prints on his prison uniform.

There are eleven footprints in total. Since he was put in this prison, there have been five people who have beaten him volatile.

I hate it. Why not die. All of them should be divided into five horses. If there is really a savior, why hasn’t he ever appeared? Why has no one ever wanted to save him?

He is willing to give everything to let these people get their due! He should step these people under his feet, soak them in the formalin-throwing corpse water, and watch them begging for mercy, struggling, crying, despairing, and finally turning into stinking bloody water, being washed into the sewers, accompanied by maggots .

Jin Zhao lowered his head, and the only remaining intact eye was extremely dark, as if the abyss did not see the bottom, the despair and hope of twelve years had been concealed by intense madness. If he can escape-if he can kill all the people in this empire-it doesn’t matter even if he becomes a war machine again

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