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The emperor, your plug-in is here

The emperor, your plug-in is here (Novel)
Other Name: 皇上,你的外挂到了

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: the River Monster in Heibao Town
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Lan Pei Yingzheng, a medical genius with a shattered dream, Lan Pei, died after encountering an avalanche. He was caught by a broken system inexplicably… Eliminate the grievances of the emperors and get a chance to be reborn. From the Qin to the Han, from the Wei and Jin to the Tang and Song Dynasties, he worked hard to complete the task. As a result… the big boss of the Qin Dynasty followed him like a shadow!

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Ying Zheng was also helpless. If it weren’t for Lan Pei’s liking for Hu’s all along, and fearing that he would be sad, he would have executed Hu directly!

Han Fei just stayed in Qin. Ying Zheng values ​​his talent and treats him very politely.

It’s just that Han Fei is probably thinking about his identity, and his attitude is always indifferent.

And Lan Pei also ran to Tingwei’s Mansion twice in three days, for fear that his uncle would be unhappy and kill his brother…

But judging from the current situation, the two get along well?

Lan Pei, who was hiding behind the tree, watched the two play chess leisurely.

“Is Chengze afraid of something?” Ying Zheng suddenly said after reviewing Fusu’s homework that day.

Lan Pei: “??” I’m afraid? I am afraid that my uncle will kill Han Fei, and you will kill him in a rage!

“The minister… is a little worried about his uncle.” Lan Pei said lightly.

“Is Han Fei?” Ying Zheng smiled.

“You’re right, he is a South Korean son after all, and he can’t be used by my Qin country. The widows use him, but they are also guarding against him.”

“Tonggu is different. He is my Daqin’s humeral minister and your uncle. He is completely trustworthy.”

Lan Pei was suddenly cheerful. In Shi Huangda’s heart, the position of his uncle must be higher than that of Han Fei.

That’s good. In this way, the uncle would not destroy Han Fei because of jealousy.

“Great King. The minister heard that Mr. Han Fei was stuttering and was not good at speech, and King Han also didn’t like him very much. Otherwise…the mission of envoying Qin State would not be his turn.”

Yingzheng snorted coldly: “The old guy Han Wang mistakenly used fish eyes for pearls, and he loved that trash concubine so much. And Han Fei…has always been ignored by him.”

Lan Pei was taken aback.

So, Han Fei is a bastard?

The struggle between concubines is always indispensable. If you can use this to win over Han Fei, that would be a good thing.

“My lord, maybe we can use this to make Han Fei single-minded and loyal to the State of Qin.” Lan Pei said sternly.

“Concubine?” Ying Zheng was indeed extremely smart, and soon thought of this level.

Lan Pei nodded confidently: “Behind the dispute between concubines and concubines is often the battle between the wife of the main house and the concubine. Is Mr. Han Fei’s mother still alive? If it is, then the king can use him to hold the senior. If not. …”

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