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The Awakened

The Awakened (Novel)
Other Name: 觉醒者

Genre: novel, historical
Author: God and I
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Xie Wan’er Shaoyang, a mysterious killer who pretends to march into the army, fight devils, eliminate spies, be accompanied by beauties, destroy the terrifying conspiracy of super high technology, and expose the secrets of the world.

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With persistence, Xie Wan’er finally succeeded in joining the secret chat. Only Lu Yunze, Shaoyang, He Fei and Xie Wan’er were in the room. Others were guarding the door, preventing others from eavesdropping, and even preventing Lu Yunze from doing it.

Shao Yang and He Fei faced Lu Yunze in horns and said, “This is He Fei from the Whampoa Military Academy. You are not Lu Yunze in the same class as your classmate.”

Xie Wan’er’s face was surprised, although Shao Yang had this speculation before, when it became true, she still couldn’t believe it.

Lu Yunze didn’t care to say: “You won’t doubt me for no reason. It’s because Lu Yunze is an underground party. You came to me that day. I didn’t match your code with you!”

“How do you know?” Shao Yang narrowed his eyes and said in surprise.

He Fei has held his hand on the handle of the gun since he entered the house, and now he holds it tighter. If the people in front of him didn’t kill Lu Yunze and asked about such things, how could they know the identity of Lu Yunze’s underground party? After all, not many people knew this identity.

Xie Wan’er was so startled that her mouth opened slightly, and the deputy stationmaster of the military command was an underground party!

“I didn’t want to have any contact with your underground party. Since you found me, I happen to have some questions. What is Lu Yunze’s true identity?”

“You haven’t answered my previous question yet.” Shao Yang’s spirit was tense, feeling the situation in the house suddenly turned over. When they first entered the house, it was like interrogating Lu Yunze, but the current atmosphere was obviously that Lu Yunze was leading them by the nose.

No. 6 proposed: “You and I ask a question, and everyone must answer it truthfully.”

Shao Yang looked at Lu Yunze, who looked relaxed, as if he had no fear at all. Shao Yang and He Fei communicated through their eyes and nodded: “Okay, but you have to answer my previous question first.”

“I discovered through a message hidden in Lu Yunze’s pen that he is an underground party.”

Shao Yang asked, “What information?”

“This is the second question, you should give me the answer first.”

“Don’t you know the identity of Lu Yunze! Underground party.”

No. 6 shook his index finger and said, “What I want is his true identity, which nationality?”

Shaoyang was puzzled, which country is Lu Yunze from? Of course it is Chinese! Do you need to say more about this?

He Fei’s expression changed drastically, and he asked in surprise, “Why do you ask?”

Shao Yang’s reaction was quick, and He Fei’s performance had proved that Lu Yunze’s true identity was not that simple, and he looked at He Fei suspiciously.

“Don’t break the rules.” No. 6 reminded He Fei that he should answer first.

He Fei hesitated. Only he knew this question, not even Lu Yunze’s father. He discovered this incident by accident and promised to keep it secret for Lu Yunze.

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