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Splendid Daming

Splendid Daming (Novel)
Other Name: 锦绣大明

Genre: novel, historical
Author: a passer-by
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Yang Zhen and Yang Chen mainly tells us that we are Jinyiwei, as the saying goes, Jinyiwei, the brocade person, the Jinyiwei; the embroiderer, the embroidered spring knife; let’s look at the five hundred years to come to Daming How did Yang Zhen in the early years of Wanli rise to the top and revive the mountains!

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Yang Zhen had read the article “Fan Jinzhongju” in the previous life. At that time, he was quite surprised that Fan Jinzhongju went crazy after Fan Jinzhongju. He thought it was just an exaggeration under the author’s criticism. But the experience just now made him feel that Fan Jin seemed to be crazy, because the changes in his life before and after Zhongju were so great that even his new brother, the new man, could clearly feel the difference. After Wu Zhixian told him the good news, he also allowed Yang Zhen to take a two-day holiday, and if he said meaningfully: “You can handle some affairs at home in these two days. If you don’t understand, you can come to the official.”

A somewhat confused Yang Zhen returned home amidst the congratulations of his colleagues, but was surprised to see that many villagers and neighbors had gathered outside his courtyard. Seeing him coming, they eagerly surrounded him. Although the Yang family has lived here for many years, since their parents died prematurely, the relationship between the two brothers and these neighbors has been very cold. This is not only because of Yang Chen’s noble scholars, but also because Yang Zhen always offended the neighbors because they were so young. .

Even on ordinary festivals, there are few guests coming to their house. Why are so many people here today? And these people brought gifts one by one, all smiled, and kept saying that they had no eyes before, and asked Yang Jiajiro to bear with them.

Before Yang Zhen had recovered, these neighbors put down their gifts and left. And before he took a closer look at what the baskets of gifts were, more people came to the door. These people are unknown to Yang Zhen, but they all claim to be relatives and friends of the Yang family for many years.

After Yang Zhen dealt with them casually for a while, these people carefully put forward their true purpose here-to put all the properties under their name under Yang Chen’s name. Even Yang Zhen, who is still unclear about the reason for his confession, knew that there must be an inner affair. There was no lunch in the world. He simply dismissed these so-called relatives and friends on the grounds that he did not dare to be the master.

After more than a day, the guests in front of the Yang family were always in an endless stream. There were gifts and land leases, and some even wanted to sell as slaves to the Yang family. Regarding this, Yang Zhen naturally refused for the time being. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel strange in his heart. Why did his brother keep sending things to the door with his help?

It is to blame that he is not a person of this era after all. He still can’t understand how much influence Zhongju has on a person, a family, and even a family.

Once you win the offer, you will have the chance to be admitted for life, which is only what Yang Zhen knows. What he didn’t know was that in the Ming Dynasty, not only Jinshi could be an official, but the same was true for jurors (just less), which meant that you had official status after Zhongju. With the official status, you will naturally be able to enjoy all the benefits that officials should have. Not only do you have a social status far beyond ordinary people, you can also reduce taxes on the large number of fields you hold, and the corvee and head of many people in your family. tax.

The latter two are really a great burden to the common people of this era. How many people have their families destroyed because of natural disasters and the undiminished land tax, and how many people have been exploited by the government because they have to serve in corvee, and eventually fell into the family. And all of this, as long as you take refuge in a Juren, everything will no longer be a problem.

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