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Reluctantly (Novel)
Other Name: 心甘情不愿

Genre: novel
Author: Avanti supporting a donkey
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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An Xiaoyan and Gu Jun, supporting roles: Liu Cheng, Guoguo, Lian Xiangdong, An Xiaoyan never thought that an angel would become a demon, but he He is willing to make up for Gu Jun, this is what he deserves. When Gu Jun said the word love, he didn’t want to. Gu Jun, there is no feeling between us.

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“Yanzi, if you have any difficulties, you must tell me. You can’t hold everything in your heart.” “Okay.” An Xiaoyan replied softly.

“Yanzi, let’s have a meal, I’ll please.” Before An Xiaoyan’s answer, Liucheng turned to a high-end western restaurant.

This is An Xiaoyan’s first visit to a western restaurant. When he was in college, family conditions did not allow him to eat in such a place.

“A half-rare steak, a half-rare steak, plus a bottle of 82 Lafite.”

The waiter noted on the menu, bowed and left.

Liucheng ordered a private room, and the classical style echoes the dark yellow lights, highlighting the artistic conception.

Under the light, An Xiaoyan’s face looked sallow, and Liu Cheng’s heart began to feel uncomfortable. Even though An Xiaoyan is still An Xiaoyan four years ago, the four years of prison life has made him a taciturn person. He used to be like this, he wouldn’t say a word, he wouldn’t keep staring at the rose on the table.

“Like it?”

An Xiaoyan came back to his senses, stroked the rose with her finger, and shook her head.

An Xiaoyan’s eyes obviously liked him, but Liu Cheng noticed that his eyes were horrified and shook his head. The previous An Xiaoyan would not be like this.

“Yanzi, let’s talk.”


“This restaurant is an old brand. I used to want to wait until I can eat here one day and I will be satisfied. Now I am really happy to be able to bring you here.”

“So fine.”

Liu Cheng didn’t know how to talk, An Xiaoyan’s appearance was obviously not interested in many things, like a melancholy old man, who had seen the vicissitudes of life.

After a while, the waiter knocked on the door with his plate, put down the meal, and said, “Slowly, please, enjoy your meal.”

“Try it.”

An Xiaoyan looked at the knife and fork at a loss. Liu Cheng noticed his strangeness and said intimately, “Follow my steps, cut with the knife and eat with the fork.”

An Xiaoyan nodded and imitated the cut. I have to say that the chef’s skill is really good. An Xiaoyan doesn’t know when he ate such a delicious thing last time. He could only eat it for a few days or weeks in prison. Meat is usually broth with little water.

“Oh…” An Xiaoyan threw up on the table. Liu Cheng didn’t know why he put down the tableware and ran over, “Yanzi, what’s wrong?”

An Xiaoyan held his stomach and kept vomiting until all the meat he had eaten was vomiting out.

When Liu Cheng touched An Xiaoyan’s body, he touched the bones of the people. An Xiaoyan used to be thin, but without this situation, he would not be skinny.

“Yanzi, why are you so thin? A bit of meat is gone.” The wide coat covered the body shape inside, which made Liu Cheng completely invisible at first glance.

“It may have been a long time since I had eaten meat, and suddenly eating so much is a little uncomfortable.” An Xiaoyan grinned reluctantly, and signaled Liu Cheng not to panic.

“Yanzi, I’m sorry for you, I’m sorry for you, I must raise you for nothing.”

An Xiaoyan’s Bingfeng’s heart has a little more warmth. At least there are people in this world who care about him, unlike those dark days when he was in prison.

“Liucheng, I’m fine, let’s continue eating, I’m really embarrassed to spoil you.”

“I’m not good, go, let’s eat somewhere else.”

An Xiaoyan waved his hand, “Liucheng, don’t go, I’ll just drink some water.”

Looking at An Xiaoyan, Liu Cheng knew that he was not doing well in prison, but he didn’t expect it to be that bad.

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