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Raising the Evil Younger into a Faithful Dog

Raise the evil little dog into a loyal dog (Novel)
Other Name: 将恶少养成忠犬

Genre: novel, Tanmei adult novel
Author: Fanying Luoyu
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Gu Chengxi, when the gentle and kind Xiaobai meets the black-bellied giant Evil Younger, what story will happen between them? Gu Chengxi always feels that her life is quite comfortable, and it’s not bad to fight with a group of strange flowers in the art department every day.

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In the messy painting room, Gu Chengxi tangled against the drawing board with her arms folded, looking at the white drawing board, she was full of resentment! Why is their artistic life so bitter? Others happily went to enjoy the summer vacation after finishing their final exams, but some of their poor art students were forced to stay by their tutors. They said that there will be a small exhibition next month, so that everyone can enjoy the summer vacation. You must hand in a work.

Just as Gu Chengxi was indignant, the door of the studio was suddenly kicked open with a “bang”. Gu Chengxi was taken aback and looked up and saw Yan Fang standing there with luggage in both hands.
Gu Chengxi looked at the bright footprints on the door and said helplessly: “Classmate Yan Fang, please, you are a girl, can you not be so savage?”

Xiang Hai, who was sitting on the side, saw the salute in her hand and shouted. She stood up and pointed her fingers at Yan Fang and gritted her teeth and said, “Daddy, do you want to escape?”

Yan Fang raised an eyebrow and smiled, “That’s right, old man Gao has come to ask him for a leave.
Let’s go first.” “Why don’t you ask for leave?” the two asked in unison.

Yan Fang said indifferently: “My phone is dead, you two will ask for a leave for me, goodbye, little brothers, I will bring you big gifts when I come back.”

Just finished this. After that, Yan Fang’s cell phone rang, and Yan Fang answered the call, “Ahao, the ticket is already bought, OK, I’ll go to the station right away.”

Hanging up, Yan Fang smiled gently at the two juniors. Then closed the door and left.

After a while, Gu Chengxi frowned and wondered: “Didn’t she just say that the phone is dead?”
“Damn!” Xiang Hai cursed.

For the senior sister Yan Fang, Gu Chengxi and Xiang Hai can only say that they don’t dare to compliment. In terms of looks, Yan Fang is really good. In terms of talents, it is even more talented. Generally speaking, they are rare geniuses, but weird Personality makes people helpless.

Old man Gao has four students in total. Now it’s okay. One ran away, and there is another. Gu Chengxi and Xiang Hai only pray that Old Man Gao will not assign heavy tasks to them again. .

After struggling for a while, Gu Chengxi raised her head and asked Xiang Hai who was opposite him: “Xiang Hai, the theme of this work can be chosen by yourself, what is your theme?”

At this moment, Xiang Haizheng wrinkled while playing with the brush in his hand. He frowned, listening to

Gu Chengxi’s words, Xiang Hai blurted out: “Then I will choose “despair” as the theme.”

Looking at Xiang Hai with a deadly face, Gu Chengxi asked: “Are you going with Liang again? Mister quarreled?”

“Damn! Don’t mention that bad man to Laozi!” Xiang Hai instantly exploded.

Gu Chengxi raised her eyebrows, “Rotten man? I don’t know who was crying so hard to say that I love her.”
Xiang Hai gave Gu Chengxi a vicious look, and bitterly clenched the paintbrush in his hand and said angrily:

“Lao Tzu’s life It’s all ruined in his hands.”

“Tsk tsk, I think Mr. Liang’s life was ruined in your hands.” Gu Chengxi continued to add fuel to the fire, “Mr. Liang is a talented, handsome and rich man. A great young man, you have been broken alive by your enchanting evildoer.” Xiang Hai rolled his eyes in protest. Suddenly his eyes lit up, dropped the paintbrush in his hand, stood up and said to Gu Chengxi: “Chengxi, let’s go tonight. Bar?”

Gu Chengxi refused without even thinking: “No.”

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