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Photographing the City, How to Follow the Thieves

Photographing the City, How to Follow the Thieves (Novel)
Other Name: 相本倾城,奈何从贼

Genre: novel, ancient Danmei novel
Author: Dai Laosha
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Fu Junke Jiang Han, and the Zhennan General Fu Junke holds power and ambitious. Everyone in the court said: Sooner or later, this man will become a chaotic courtier. Fu Junke, who was about to block people on Jiang Han’s only way, didn’t know if he would become a rebel thief, but when he saw Jiang Han’s figure, and the deer started hitting his arms. He feels that he is more likely to become a pervert who covets beauty than a courtier and thieves.

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The imperial dungeon is even better, because in the end only two types of people were held here. Either a living person who was tortured and tortured to death every day, or a person who cut off his limbs and soaked in the water, leaving only one breath.

The former suffers day by day as life is better than death, while the latter is left as despair.

The half-dead living and the dying are indeed only things, but they are no longer considered human.

Chu Xiange knew the dirty and cruel things in the palace, so when he saw the half-dead woman in a pool of blood behind the emperor, although her expression changed a little, she was still calm.

It’s just that Su Ge seemed a little shocked. Although he didn’t say anything, the knuckles of the sword holding the sword had begun to faintly whiten.

“Your Majesty is straightforward.” Chu Xiange smiled suddenly, as if relieved, and as if he had discovered some incredible secret.

He probably knew the meaning of the southern emperor.

There is no place to sit in the dungeon. At this time, the three persons with special status are standing opposite each other, inexplicably a little bit of an arrow.

“The elder son came to the South this time because he was entrusted by others,” Gu Liusheng saw Chu Xiange’s eyes with sharp scrutiny, mixed with a trace of dissatisfaction: “To be precise, it was entrusted by Fu Junke for my sake. Prime Minister.”

Su Ge was a little surprised. He didn’t know the purpose of Chu Xiange. Even the Southern Kingdom emperor Fu Junke, the Southern Kingdom’s young and accomplished Zhennan general, were just hearing about it.

Unexpectedly, the relationship between the two was so good, so good that Chu Xiange would replace the envoys that had been appointed to come to the southern country for this trip.

It’s already this point, Chu Xiange didn’t bother to hide anything.

What’s more, he was not a good friend with Fu Junke, what he did was actually just for himself.

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