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Mr. Qiu Always Fouls

Mr. Qiu Always Fouls (Novel)
Other Name: 邱先生总是很犯规

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: Severe Meow
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Qiu Moyan Zio, Mr. Qi has seen early in the morning that Mr. Qiu, who is praised by thousands of people, is actually a big-tailed wolf. But I can’t bear Mr. Qiu to be able to pretend. If you are gentle today and tomorrow, you will be pitiful and weak. There is always one that Mr. Qi can’t resist.

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“What are you?” Zio was about to go back, his arm was suddenly pulled, he turned his head and saw Qiu Moyan was standing behind him, looking at his arm with a serious face: “How is this going back? What? Who moved the hand!”

“This time it’s really a fight.” Zio said with a smile.

Qiu Moyan frowned, pulled Zio up and walked inside him. After walking for a while, Zio exclaimed, “Hey, hey, this is not the way to go back to my house.”

Qiu Moyan didn’t want to talk to him at all at this moment, and didn’t care about him with a calm face, so he kept walking forward.

When he got home, Qiu Moyan pressed Zio on the sofa. Then he remembered that there was no medicine here, but he didn’t want to leave Zio at home, so he clicked on Taobao, which is said to be omnipotent.

At this point, it turned out that there was a drug delivery in the same city. Qiu Moyan chose the fastest pharmacy to send flowers to place an order, and then asked the pharmacist who answered the phone what medicine he needed besides alcohol. The pharmacist said a bunch of terms, Qiu Mo Yan didn’t understand, so he simply asked him to send them all over, and they responded repeatedly.

After hanging up the phone, Qiu Moyan looked at Zio: “Is it Zhang Yixiong, who Er Yuan said earlier?”

There was no need to hide it from Qiu Moyan, so Zio nodded.

Qiu Moyan did not comment, and pointed to Zio: “Take off your clothes.”

Zio was taken aback. Who could say undressing so confidently?

“What is it?” Qiu Moyan knew what he was thinking as soon as he looked at him. He gave him a blank look and said helplessly, “I just looked at your injury, and I won’t be on you.”

“You have to be able to go if you want to,” Qiu Moyan muttered as he undressed, “I’m such a straight boy.”

Qiu Moyan became angry and wanted to curse, but as soon as he looked up, he saw blood on his arm.

“Where did the arm hurt?” Qiu Moyan asked tremblingly.

Zio was stunned, and looked at his arm: “Fuck, Zhang Yixiong is a stupid man, he is not a good thing, he actually took a stick with nails.”

Of course, they don’t dare to fight with swords or guns, and even steel pipes don’t dare to blatantly take them out of the street. So the boys are really going to fight. Most of them are holding things like wooden sticks. They don’t hurt lives, but they do. Vicious people will drive nails on the stick, with the pointed end exposed, and the nail will go down when hitting someone. Although the wound is not deep, it hurts a lot.

Zio was also really nervous at the time. He was not really a fool. He was really a ten. The reason why he asked Zhang Yixiong alone was to adjust the tiger away from the mountain. Secondly, he guessed that Zhang Yixiong didn’t dare to make things worse, so he didn’t call anyone. , I passed by alone.

Who knows that Zhang Yixiong really dared to start. During a fight, he just thought about how to get out and didn’t feel any pain. This would make Qiu Moyan say that he saw so much blood again, and Zio’s Excalibur “Oh oh oh” Screamed.

“I know it hurts this time,” Qiu Moyan pulled off half of his clothes for him, and said, “I didn’t see you crying for pain from the injury on my back last time.”

Zio fell silent for a moment. Qiu Moyan realized that he had said something wrong, so he had to change the subject, “I don’t have gauze on my side. Wait a moment, I called the pharmacy to send it over. It’s probably there in a while. .”

Zio didn’t speak, and after a long time he whispered: “It’s different.”

Qiu Moyan didn’t care about this, and asked him, “Are there any other injuries?”


He still had a vest inside. Qiu Moyan pushed the vest up. A blood mark stretched from the position of the left shoulder blade to the right waist. In some places, blood was still oozing. It seems that the person who started the attack was exerting all his strength. .

Qiu Moyan’s eyes darkened, Zhang Yixiong!

He remembered the name!

“Bleeding.” Qiu Moyan watched for a long time before finally speaking, with an imperceptible coldness in his voice. Zio’s nerves were occupied by pain, and he didn’t hear anything. Hearing the words, he whispered: ” Then he will be in trouble.”

Qiu Moyan thought he was going to take revenge, and didn’t say anything to stop him.

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