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Medical Concubine Arrives: The Evil King Rolls Down

Medical Concubine Arrives: The Evil King Rolls Down (Novel)
Other Name: 医妃驾到:邪王滚下榻

Genre: novel, historical
Author: This
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 40+
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Yun You and Xiao Linghuang, who have been in love with each other for ten years, are exchanged for his cruelty. A fire ruined her appearance and even ruined her. heart of. It turned out that from the beginning, he was just a stepping stone for him to ascend to the throne. One decree and two marriages in Zuoxiang’s mansion, the eldest daughter and the second daughter. Yun You touched half of his ruined face, and his heart was gone. Is there still a place for him in this world? Reunited a few years later, he strongly trapped her in a corner…

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“Returning to the Queen Mother, on the day of the wedding, His Royal Highness was busy and couldn’t get away, so he was wronged by his concubines. However, afterwards, His Royal Highness also explained to his concubines, saying that he was vain for the monarch’s salary, and he was weak and unable to serve the country and wanted to be the emperor. I’ve heard that there are fox minks in the outskirts of Gyeonggi. It’s hard to find the mink to resist the cold. I can’t kill the enemy prince on the battlefield. I can only bring some manpower to hunt the fox mink and contribute it to the emperor.” Mo Li I didn’t know how to answer, and didn’t want to let this group of people talk about themselves, so they simply lied. With such an explanation, it can be said in the past, but how could the queen let her go so easily, “Even if your Royal Highness Xi wants to report to the emperor and protect the country, you should not neglect the bride. Anyway, you should kick the sedan door handle. The bride welcomes her back to the mansion. What she doesn’t know is that she is not satisfied with the concubine bestowed by the Queen Mother, and is not satisfied with the Zhongyi Hou Mansion!”

The Queen Mother was very displeased, her lips pressed tightly, “The Queen’s words are reasonable, after all, you are useless, you can’t please His Royal Highness!”

Mo Li was speechless. She touched her upper and lower lips to give marriage to others. The unhappy life after marriage is to blame for the client. “The concubine knows his mistake and will definitely serve the prince well in the future.”

“Don’t just talk about it, you must take action. You are selected by the Aijia thousands of thousands, and you must fight for the Aijia.” After the admonition, it is always necessary to win.

Everyone with a discerning eye can see that Prince Xi’s mansion is not to be seen by Princess Xi. Then, if she wants to sit down in the position of Princess Xi, she must lean against the big tree of Queen Mother. The enemy’s enemy is My friend, the Queen Mother was also fancy of this, so she didn’t criticize her excessively.

The scene returned to calm, and everyone was disappointed. It was a pity that I didn’t see the good show that should be seen.

However, the empress’s meaning was obvious. Princess Xi embarrassed her as soon as she entered the door of the hall. This first impression was not so good. The queen mother is still a good old person, and she can let go of Princess Xi like that. It can be seen that there are many twists and turns inside.

Everyone was out of interest, and the Queen Mother didn’t say much. The first time he entered the palace, Chaohe always wanted to reward something, even to show his benevolence, “Although colorful Xia Yi is gorgeous, it’s not harmonious to wear Princess Xi. Bring the golden silk and glazed feather garment from the Ai’s family and give it to Princess Xi.”

Clothes again?

Mo Li’s heart sighed, the queen mother wouldn’t do the same, and she wanted to use her clothes to make her angry.

This is too fast to learn!

Learn now and sell now!

What the royal rewards, even if it is a rag, must happily accept it, and Mo Li can’t help but refuse it. This is a respect for imperial power and a fear of majesty.

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