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Living the Dust and Fate, Not Losing You

Living the Dust and Fate, Not Losing You (Novel)
Other Name: 不负尘缘不负你

Genre: novel, fan fiction
Gu Jiuyuan
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Gongsunli, their marriage, from the very beginning, was full of infinite conspiracies. Gongsunli originally thought that he was here, just a Passers-by, however, don’t know when they started, he has fallen deeply into it, and cannot extricate himself.

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How could his Ali be so cute?

Baili Shouyu thought in his heart, the “Gongsunli” in his mouth felt sweeter.

Suddenly, there was a drizzle in the sky, and the originally crowded street became a lot cleaner in an instant. The vendors on both sides of the street were busy closing their stalls with tofu in support of genuine reading, and the roof was suddenly crowded with people. .

Gongsunli stretched out his hand, wanting to block the rain, but he didn’t want Baili to keep the promise and took a step forward. He took off the Waishan on his body to block the rain outside for her.

Baili Shouyue was left with only a thin brocade, and the phoenix eyes behind the mask wore tofu to support the gentle reading of the original, “Ali, are you okay?”

“Keeping the contract”

She called to him, trying to take off his clothes to protect him from the rain, but was held down by him, and said, “Don’t move, I am a man. I am used to fighting on the battlefield. I’m not afraid.”


Seeing that she seemed to be still struggling to read tofu to support the original reading, Baili kept her promise and stepped forward, blocking Wai Shan on the top of the two people, saying, “This is always okay?”


He put his shirt on one hand, and put his arm around her, he took her to shelter from the rain and walked along the eaves back to Zhennan Palace.

Shangdoufu supports genuine reading. That is their home.

When he finally returned to the palace, Baili Xuance had already returned. Seeing the two of them together, he smiled and looked at the two people curiously, “Brother, sister-in-law, is it okay today?”

His eyes were wandering between the two of them, Tofu Supporting Genuine Reading, Baili Shouyue glared at him, and Baili Xuance took his gaze back.

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