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Infinite Syndicate

Infinite Syndicate (Novel)
Other Name: 无间枭雄

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Midnight Lonely
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Xiao Yi, the hypnotist Leng Xiaoyi who was murdered in an accident, travels to another parallel world, but becomes a powerful figure in a hostile country. Relying on the modern combat he has practiced, he has stepped into the ranks of martial arts masters in one fell swoop, relied on the invincible hypnotic skills to plunder the beauty and earn money, steadily stepping through the clouds, playing endless methods, and become a generation of heroes…

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Xin Luolin drew a sword and pointed it at Leng Xiaoyi: “Today I have only had one move. I deeply feel that the young dog is as high a skill as New Luolin has not seen in the past ten years. “Leng Xiaoyi smiled bitterly, what should I do when I came out like this?

Fortunately, the helper hurriedly stepped forward and saluted: “Master! Lord Dog is ill today, I am afraid that I will not be able to catch it, otherwise he will fight another day, Master…”

Leng Xiaoyi waved his hand, wanting any face, not telling lies in front of the real person, and then he folded his sleeves, revealing his thigh-thin forearm: “The majesty of the master, the little dog has already been injured. Stay for a while.”

Xin Luolin was shocked: “Impossible, Master Dog is so skillful, the strength of the old man should never hurt him, this old man is absolutely sure. But why?”

Leng Xiaoyi had no choice but to bite the bullet and made up the story of the desert island secret. Anyway, the little bear cub could not speak, and Ren Leng Xiaoyi could not come out to refute.

This legendary story cannot help Xin Luo Lin not believe it. Looking at the physique of the Yamamoto dog, the strength of the muscles and the calluses on his hands, it is true that he has never formally studied martial arts, and the desert island has such a skill in a hundred days! This is truly amazing!

“That cave really collapsed?” Xin Luolin was somewhat unbelievable.

“Master!” Leng Xiaoyi said sternly: “Although the cave has collapsed, the dog has all the essentials of its moves in mind and is willing to share it with the master.”

In this era, most people who have a little skill cherish themselves, they only want to learn and refuse to teach. Even the master of the realm of Master Yi Jian Xin Luolin, and the proud disciple, it is inevitable that there are some key points of the exercises that need to be reserved. Unexpectedly, this one The little dog Yamamoto opened his mouth because he was willing to share this unparalleled technique with the master of Goryeo Kingdom Yijian, and he didn’t care about whether it was true or not. If he could say these things, there was already a generation of master craftsmen.

“Ashamed and ashamed! The old man has spent his entire life in the martial arts, and for decades, the enlightenment is not as good as the little dog. You have a good mind, and the new Rollin has been taught!” , Baojian has been silent.

“Lord Dog, please come to your seat!” Xin Luolin waved his sleeves, his expression and tone were not questionable, Leng Xiaoyi did not shirk, and took the seat.

Xin Luolin yelled: “The idlers and others all quit five feet away, and those who enter without permission will be killed!”

In the dark, there were so many figures who promised in unison: “Follow the orders of the master!” Then there was a’swish’ sound that moved rapidly, from near to far, and there was no sound at all.

Leng Xiaoyi coughed: “Fortunately, you can withdraw too.”

Fortunately, he was full of thoughts that he was lucky enough to hear some upper-level martial arts secrets, so he had no choice but to bow his head and replied: “Yes!” reluctantly retired.

This kind of thing would be taught to Koreans rather than Fusang.

“Wu has no difference between good and evil. People are good and bad. I forgive you, Master Dog. You only need you and me to comprehend such peerless exercises. After you understand them, you can choose someone to teach, and that’s the right way!”

Leng Xiaoyi secretly said, I hope you are really the right way, such things as martial arts, tell you two sentences about gravity, gravity, and habituality. You are already inexhaustible. Let’s have two more angle attack principles. It is definitely a masterpiece. With Leng Xiaoyi’s experience, people who wander in officialdom cannot be trusted, no matter how reliable a relationship is, one day they will draw their swords when their interests conflict.

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