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I was the richest man in ancient times

I was the richest man in ancient times (Novel)
Other Name: 我在古代当首富

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: Fireworks CC
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Cheng Anyun Dongfangyi, Cheng Anyun, a conscientious takeaway brother! One day, there is a disaster, and you can pass through with a takeaway! Stumbled into the palace and hit the domineering prince. I thought it was a salted fish turning over, relying on the powerful and powerful to show off their skills in ancient times and earn a lot of money! In the end, he was forced to bend by the overbearing prince, and even count the money for him!

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Cheng Anyun’s takeaway business is running enthusiastically, and he has more and more money in his hands. Many people in the capital have shown great interest in this matter, especially the families of high-ranking officials. People who are officials in the court need to go to court every few days, and they often wake up before dawn. They get up earlier than anyone else. The maids who serve are also drowsy, and the cooked meals are even more so. It’s not as delicious as usual, and they can’t clean up because they are in a hurry.

When they returned home, there were many important affairs that needed to be done by them, and there was no time to deal with such trivial matters. They would endure it after a long time.

Now Cheng Anyun’s takeaway has solved this problem just right, the price is not very expensive, and the most important thing is that the taste is good, and they are full of praise in their hearts.

Cheng Anyun has been running outside in the past few days, and he has not seen any shadows for almost the whole day. Dongfang Yi was very dissatisfied with this scene, and couldn’t help spurning the idea of ​​agreeing to Cheng Anyun that day to let him continue the takeaway. However, as a prince, he couldn’t chase after a word, so it was impossible to take it back. Thinking of the warm mattress in winter to comfort myself.

Cheng Anyun has not been lazy in the past few days. Recently, people have often sent him invitations to discuss with him about joining the food delivery business.

Although Cheng Anyun didn’t want to share this sweet pastry with others, he also obviously felt that he would be subject to Dongfang Yi if he continued like this, which made him unable to bear it. If something goes wrong with the two in the future, it will be even more difficult for him to escape. Difficult.

In addition, when he was doing takeout, his company also had many franchisees in order to organize it quickly. Therefore, Cheng Anyun has indeed begun to consider this matter after thinking about it.

In the past few days, Cheng Anyun has found a lot of people, but he has not been satisfied, so he can only slow down the matter. Looking at the clouds covering the sky and feeling the unique coolness of autumn, Cheng Anyun decided to visit the capital.

Unknowingly, Cheng Anyun came to a jewelry shop with a dazzling array of things inside. Cheng Anyun glanced at it and felt dim in his eyes. He made a decisive decision to leave quickly, but stopped because of the light.

Cheng Anyun turned around and walked over to the place. The man saw that Cheng Anyun’s clothes did not look like those of poor people, so he ran over with a flattering smile, bent over and asked, “What does this young man look after?”

Cheng Anyun stopped, and in front of him was a white jade hairpin. The whole body was smooth and without heavy embellishment. It was just a simple carved plum blossom on the tail, which seemed indescribably elegant.

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