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How Fortunate to Let Me Meet You

How Fortunate to Let Me Meet You (Novel)
Other Name: 何其有幸让我遇见你

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: Wu Wen Nongmo
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Gu Chen is Shen Qing. Gu Chen is the president of Wanxin Group. Once I met the painter Shen Qing, I fell in love. After all, the identities of the two are different. After many setbacks, can this love bear fruit…

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“Hello, President”

“Hello, President”

Seeing President Gu coming to work, everyone saw it with respect

“President, the chairman wants you to go to his office now” Lin Jin gave Gu Chen a look, which looked bad.

Shenqing went to work when he saw this

“Boom-boom boom”


Gu Chen opened the door, “Dad, you are looking for me”, squatting down on the chair opposite the chairman’s desk.

“You stand up for me, in the company, call me the chairman” Gu Ming slapped the table with anger.

Their father and son have always been like this, and they quarreled when they didn’t agree with each other, and they didn’t speak well.

Gu Chen stood up slowly, “What’s the matter?” He didn’t show his dad a good face.

“The blind date that your mother introduced you to you is missing again. This is the first one. Are you going to be a bachelor for a lifetime?” The old man began to dizzy again, squinting his eyes and massaging his head with both hands. “Tomorrow, reschedule See you in time, I’m afraid I won’t get married again. I’m going to enter the soil with regret.”

When Gu Chen heard this, he didn’t know how to say it. He didn’t like women, but the old man’s body was not as good as the other day. He nodded and said, “Okay!”

After speaking, Gu Chen turned on the 17th floor and said “Come to my office” to Shen Qing who was working.

Shen Qing didn’t know what happened to him and the chairman, but he knew that Gu Chen’s expression was bad. Follow Gu Chen obediently

“President, what’s the matter”

Gu Chen changed to a gentle tone and said to Shen Qing, “Are you free at noon, let’s have a meal together?” but he did not give Shen Qing the opportunity to say no, “I will wait for you downstairs after get off work.”

Shen Qing didn’t want to eat this meal. He knows that he is different from Gu Chen. It’s always not good to have dinner together, but he doesn’t dare to refuse “Okay, then, I’ll go out first.”

“Wow!” A large pile of materials fell all over the floor. Shen Qing picked up the materials in a hurry. He heard footsteps around him, put the materials on the table and raised his head and hit a pair of deep and warm eyes. “President, I”

“It’s okay, you are busy first, I can wait”

Gu Chen spoke in a hurry, sitting on Shen Qing’s desk and watching him playfully

Shen Qing sat down to sort out the information and fill in something, but the pen in his hand was getting slower and slower. He glanced at Gu Chen beside him from time to time, and could no longer work well.

“It won’t be done tomorrow at your speed,” Gu Chen said, pulling Shen Qing up and sitting there by himself, and continued to help Shen Qing write “I will help you.”

Shen Qing stood by him and took a serious look at his work. Gu Chen is an attractive man. This is what every successful person has.

Shen Qingzheng was fascinated by what he saw

“Okay, let’s go”

Shen Qing suddenly turned back from the thoughts over there, “Well, good”

When we arrived at a western restaurant, they sat face to face

Gu Chen called the waiter with the menu and said to Shen Qing, “Let’s see what you want to eat?”

“Anything is good, what do you order and I will eat”

“Two pan-fried salmon, one black pepper beef tenderloin and shrimp pizza, two cream truffle soup, two vegetable salads, two…” Gu Chen thought about something and was interrupted by Shen Qing before finishing saying something.

“Enough, these are enough to eat” Shen Qing heard that he wanted to stop quickly.

Every time the dishes were on the table, Shen Qing said with emotion, “President, thank you.”

“Thank you. I eat it alone, and I eat it for two.” Gu Chen didn’t want to hear him say thank you

“Thank you for being kind to me, thank you anyway”

“Eat, salmon is delicious” Gu Chen broke the subject

“Are you sure the news is accurate?” Liu Jinxuan said to the other side of the phone


“Okay” Liu Jinxuan hung up the phone and walked into the restaurant where Gu Chen and them were.

“Yeah, Mr. Gu, what a coincidence?” Liu Jinxuan looked at the two of them hippiely, “Do you mind being together?”

Gu Chen politely made an invitation gesture

Shen Qing moved inside and said, “Sit here.”

Liu Jinxuan sits and squeezes Shen Qing’s face, “Little cute, you are really cute, quite soft.”

“Remove your dirty hands.” Gu Chen cast a murderous look at Liu Jinxuan when he saw this.

“Why, just an employee, need to be so excited?”

“People belong to my company, they are mine.” Gu Chen squeezed these words out of his teeth with a cold face.

Liu Jinxuan smiled evilly, “Come on! By the way, congratulations, you are getting married.”

Gu Chen’s expression became even colder, “It sounds nonsense!”

“I don’t talk nonsense. If Mr. Gu asks Chairman Gu, he will understand everything?” Liu Jinxuan smiled happily as if he had won the whole world.

Gu Chen got up to leave “Shen Qing, go”

“Cute, follow me, I will treat you better than Mr. Gu” Liu Jinxuan will deliberately irritate Gu Chen, holding Shen Qing’s hand and not letting go

“Let go!” When Gu Chen heard Liu Jinxuan’s words, staring at him with bloodshot eyes, he almost ate him.

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