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Counterattack Designer

Counterattack Designer (Novel)
Other Name: 逆袭设计师

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: Xiao Bocai
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Mu Qing Ai Mo Li, he followed his love step by step, but fell into the cold palace until the end was a three-foot white silk. , He hangs himself with a smile, but his final love becomes a big joke. He was once the battlefield general Ai Moli, who gave up everything for a lover.

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Ai Moli was very surprised. He thought that only he and his father knew about his body, but he knew who had thought about it.

Ai Moli didn’t know what to say for a while, only stared at Grandpa Gu blankly, because there were too many people and the environment was noisy, and not many people would pay attention to the sound of his cup falling.

“Don’t be surprised, your father actually told me about this.”

Grandpa Gu said the original at the time.

Gu Moxuan likes men. The whole s city knows, how could Ai Moli let Gu Moxuan be with him with a photo at that time? And Mr. Gu didn’t like to embarrass his precious grandson, but he knew deeply that his family could not break the incense.

Only then did Ai Qiuming tell about Ai Moli’s body, Ai Moli had things that men should have, and he also had things that women should have. He was shocked when he heard this, Mr. Gu.

In order to keep the incense at home, Mr. Gu had to force Gu Moxuan and Ai Moli together.

But Ai Moli didn’t know this at all.

Ai Moli’s expression was cold when she heard it, and she didn’t expect that her amiable grandfather would only use him as a fertility tool, but to prevent Gu Jia from breaking the incense.

Elder Gu looked at Ai Moli’s expression a little wrong, and quickly comforted him: “My child, although I am very selfish, you really like Gu Moxuan, don’t you?”

“But I don’t like it now?” Ai Moli shook her head, like a wronged child. The former Ai Moli would never know that she was just a fertility tool used by others.

Gu Moxuan looked at Ai Moli by his grandfather’s side as if his expression was a little wrong, but it was not easy to ask, so he could only stare from a distance.

Grandpa Gu was taken aback, he might have thought that Ai Moli would react like this.

“You have your own right to choose, but I still hope you can be with him.” Grandpa Gu shook his head and put Ai Moli in his arms.

At this time, Ai Lingfeng was unhappy. Unexpectedly, the old man Gu wanted his son to find a woman, but it seemed impossible. Ai Lingfeng snorted coldly. He knew how it was impossible for Gu Moxuan to be with Ai Moli. Together, because Ai Moli is still a female in his eyes.

However, he is still very unhappy watching this scene. “Brother, don’t worry Gu Shao likes men. Even if Ai Moli is a big man, it is impossible to go to Gu Shao’s bed, but you can easily climb on it. .” Ai Baozhu joked.

Listening to Ai Baozhu’s words, Ai Lingfeng’s heart seemed to have improved a bit.

“Who said it was impossible, what if he didn’t hold back and went to country t?” Ai Lingfeng quipped.

Ai Baozhu couldn’t help laughing. “Brother, Ai Moli would be a pervert in that way. Do you think we Gu Shao would like perverts?”


In this way, the two of them turned their original disappointment into a joke.

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