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Concubine’s heart is like frost

Concubine’s heart is like frost (Novel)
Other Name: 妾心展颜,君心似霜

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Lan Shan
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Mu Zhanyan and Mo Yichen received crazy revenge from her husband on the night of her marriage. Indirectly killed her husband’s sweetheart. When the woman who came back from the dead appeared again, she wandered on the brink of despair every day!

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“Go, go and see…” Rubbing his temples, Mo Yichen glanced at Mu Zhanyan who hadn’t awakened yet, got up and left with Jinxiang.

After he left, Ali, who had been waiting outside, jumped into the room from the window.

She knelt by Mu Zhanyan’s bed, tightly holding Mu Zhanyan’s hand, crying while trying to wake Mu Zhanyan: “Princess, wake up quickly, Ali is really worried, princess… “

Half an hour later, Mo Yichen went and returned, and as soon as he pushed the door, he saw A Li who was about to get up and leave.

“Who are you? What do you want to do to her?”

Thinking that A Li would be unfavorable to Mu Zhanyan, Mo Yichen rushed to the bedside, and greeted A Li’s neck with his fist mercilessly.

A Li kept silent, dodged from left to right, desperately trying to find a chance to leave. For a while, the things in the house crackled and scattered all over the floor, some were broken, and some were broken.


Hearing the movement, Mu Zhanyan opened her eyes in a daze. When she saw Mo Yichen and A Li who were fighting together, her eyes widened, and her heart raised her throat instantly.

“Stop…” Mu Zhanyan shouted to Mo Yichen and the two of them, trying to prevent them from’killing each other’.

However, because she hadn’t taken a drop of water for a long time, the dryness of her throat made her voice hoarse and weak, so Mo Yichen and the others did not hear her buzzing like mosquitoes and flies.

Mu Zhanyan gritted her teeth and fell off the bed. In this way, it would be impossible for Mo Yichen and the others to find out!

Not to mention, this trick worked. Both Mo Yichen and A Li noticed Mu Zhanyan who had fallen from the bed to the ground.

“Mu Zhanyan…”


The two exclaimed at the same time, and then flew one after the other and came to Mu Zhanyan.

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