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Boss, Ghosts Come Home Again

Boss, Ghosts Come Home Again (Novel)
Other Name: 老板,家里又来鬼了

Genre: novel, Danmei novel
Author: Xian Busi Gong Zi
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Xu Ran, Wu You Guan, accepts all the requests of people, ghosts and gods, and can solve all your worries. The boss is very good at making money. , The ability to spend money is also top-notch. The Worry-Free Club often has a meal without a meal, but he can’t stand his good looks and good shape, sometimes gentle and sometimes cold, the most important thing is that most of the money is spent on me… so it used to be called I bend the sex male love female!

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Bao Xiaozhi saw Xu and snorted angrily. Xu Ran came over and said in a good temper: “Isn’t there a reserve fund? Let’s use the reserve fund.”

“There is only a small amount of reserve money left. I will also sell you a mobile phone. If the watch is processed, there will be one hundred dollars left! There are twelve days this month, and we have this one hundred dollars left.”

Xu Ran: “This…”

Bao Xiaozhi said solemnly: “I announce that from now on, the Worry-Free Club has entered the first-level state of saving money.”

The so-called first-level money-saving state is that, except for the three essentials of oil, rice and salt, other things are not purchased, and all food is taken in the yard.

Ever since, I ate vegetables for several days without touching any meat, which caused my body to feel weak.

If An Zhemo came to trouble me at this time, he might be able to knock me down. Fortunately, after fighting with me, I never saw him at school again, and he never came to trouble me again.

It was a weekend day. I was sitting under the eaves of the Wuyou Pavilion, watching the people coming and going at the gate, hoping that someone would come in to find the Wuyou Pavilion to do business, so that I would have income, and if I had income, I could eat meat.

But after sitting for a long time, no one came in, and I was thirsty. I got up and wanted to drink water in the kitchen. When he turned around, he staggered, unable to stand firmly, and threw himself on the ground.

I thought I was going to have a close contact with the earth, but Xu Ran caught it.

“what happened?”

I was too lazy to stand up, hanging on him and lazily saying: “I don’t eat meat, I have no strength.”

Xu Ran frowned and said, “It’s true that I haven’t eaten meat for several days.”

His eyes floated to the pool in the front yard and said, “Would you like to catch fish?”

I immediately stood up and said, “Okay, okay.”

Bai Xuan stood beside the small pool with a sad face, her eyes were moving with the net in my hand, her face becoming paler and paler.

I couldn’t resist the pressure and said to her, “Xiao Xuan, I just caught a fish.”

“I know, but…I can’t bear it.”

“These fish were originally raised and eaten, so I can’t bear it.” I moved the dip net to a black fish.

“Xiao Hei is still young…”

It is indeed a bit small, not enough for us to floss our teeth.

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