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Anti-Japanese Tiger Army

Anti-Japanese Tiger Army (Novel)
Other Name:  抗日猛虎军

Genre: novel, historical
Author: the night shift prince
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Wang Haitao and Wang Haitao wake up from a nightmare. After opening their eyes, they see a silvery white wall, a silvery white roof, and a silvery white roof. With the white light, he was lying on a silver-white bed. This is the story of a special forces soldier who traveled back to the Anti-Japanese War and built an army to fight against the Japanese and kill devils.

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On the second day, Wang Haitao first announced the new military salary standard in public at the barracks, and then issued one month’s military salary according to the new military salary standard. The officers and soldiers in the camp were cheering and thunderous, and Wang Haitao then announced the news of the army expansion. Many soldiers in the camp had to take time off to find their relatives and friends to serve as soldiers. So the recruiting work that Tang Renli was responsible for was officially launched in Longzhou County, and four recruiting stations were set up at the same time not far from the four gates.

At this time, several officers who had asked for leave also left the barracks after they had led the day. When Long Tsai asked Wang Haitao why he believed in those officers so much and asked them to take so many oceans, Wang Haitao said with a smile: “With a thousand yuan, you can test a person’s character and even more test his loyalty. Don’t you think it’s worth it? If they prove their loyalty to the army through this incident, it’s more precious than anything.” Long Tsai suddenly realized that he was more convinced of Wang Haitao’s method.

Wang Haitao drove the car in the past few days, taking Longzai and Shanbao around several recruiting stations. One is to look at the number of people who signed up for the army, and the other is to look at the quality of those who joined the army. Wang Haitao still underestimated the attractiveness of the three yuan a month to the common people, and every person who is qualified after signing up can first pay a set of the ocean.

The news spreads ten times, ten thousand times. Within two days, it spread to all places under Longzhou County. Therefore, two days later, there were long queues at the entrances of the recruiting stations, all of them were people who came to join the army.

On this day, after Wang Haitao arrived at the recruiting station at the North Gate, he stopped the car and sat in the car to observe the crowd outside the station. A big man with a height of more than 1.8 meters attracted Wang Haitao’s eyes. The local Guangxi guys are basically short, slender and fierce. They are not only flexible in their small bodies, they are also fierce and warlike in their bones. The height of this big man is extremely rare among Guangxi people.

Wang Haitao got out of the car and walked to the big man. After a few walks, the big red silk sword on the back of the big man once again attracted Wang Haitao’s attention. Wang Haitao came to the big man and said to the big man, “Can you take a step to speak, brother?” The big man saw Wang Haitao wearing a colonel’s uniform and was speaking to himself. He instinctively stood up and raised his hand to salute, but he raised his hand. After a while, it was put down again.

It was this instinctive action that made Wang Haitao’s eyes bright. At this time, the big man walked out from the crowd. Wang Haitao pointed to the car and said, “Brother, please talk over there.” After speaking, he walked to the car. The big man followed Wang Haitao to the car. Wang Haitao secretly observed the pace of the big man’s walking, and he knew better.

When the two came to the car, Wang Haitao turned to the big man and said, “Brothers used to serve as soldiers there? Why did you come to my Longzhou County? Why do you want to join my Longzhou Security Group?” The big man darkened and said: ” Now that the officer can see it, I don’t tell the officer. I was originally a platoon leader of the 29th Army and the 36th Regiment of the 109th Brigade led by General Song Zheyuan.

The brigade commander Zhao Dengyu was ordered to organize a death squad to attack Japanese devils at night. Although our 500-man death squad killed a lot of devils, we also suffered many casualties and only survived dozens of brothers.”

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