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The Shadows

The Shadows (Novel)
Other Name: 诡影迷踪

Genre: novel, sci-fi, supernatural
Author: Luo Ba
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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It is a confusing case and an urban white-collar worker who died bizarrely. Is it a distortion of human nature, or… this story, or from the grandma’s generation…

Free reading:
Wen Wan winked at me and motioned me to throw the gold brick in my hand toward the well. This will confirm whether the well is attacking us.

I didn’t know their plan and thought they wanted me to throw my life-saving tiles into the bottomless well, and I stopped doing it. Without the BRICS, I would have never known how many deaths. This group of people didn’t get it and I lost the gold bricks.

Hehe in my heart, this group of people, why don’t they throw their fallen things in! Now that I have collapsed into a family, I know that I will not lose it when I pick up the soft persimmon.

Wen Wan saw that I had misunderstood their meanings and didn’t dare to tell me aloud that he was shocked by the thing, so she humiliated me. In my heart, I have thought of Lin Feng as someone like Xue Yang, or that I have classified all the cultivators as bad people and I know what she means.

Lin Feng was too anxious to see that I became more and more tightly grasping the brick in my hand, and even more anxious to jump. In the end, because of the urgent time, there was no way I had to stand up and say in my ear: “I can’t fall, there is something.”

It wasn’t until this time that I understood. For a moment, I felt ashamed of what I was thinking about just now, but it disappeared in a blink of an eye. It’s not surprising that no one thinks about such a thing.

I reversed the brick in my hand and aimed secretly, and then calmly threw the brick in my hand while unprepared. The people who thought that the bricks would fall directly in the well watched the bricks bounce back.


First, Xue Yang reacted and used his spells to hit a beam of light in the past, before everyone had reacted. The beam actually penetrated the well and hit the wall behind the well.

I was secretly surprised, if this really hit someone, would he be killed if he wasn’t directly killed?

But at the same time he was frightened, and at the same time he was frightened. Xue Yang is a man of high mana among us, and because he didn’t know the strangeness of that well, he used 70% to 80% of mana to test.

In fact, the attack directly fell on the back room, or it was the speed of the ghost, or the attack by Xue Yang was not worth mentioning for that thing. I think the latter has some coldness in the back of the neck inexplicably.

Then, I felt that my hands were also cold. I feel that things are a bit big and I want to move to Lin Feng silently. But no matter how I move, I can’t move half a point to Lin Feng. But there is clearly air all around us! I was terrified by this.

“Lin, Lin Feng…” My voice trembled, and there was no way to say the whole sentence.

Everyone was attracted by my voice, and then saw that I was terrified by the air. Wen Wan laughed at that time, “Oh my God, are Brother Li Xing so timid?”

Then, when the voice fell, his hair was tugged, but the strange thing was that there was no one behind Wen Wan at the time. Now Wen Wan didn’t laugh at me anymore, but she was so frightened that she went straight into Xue Yang’s arms.

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