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The Queen of Chefs

The Queen of Chefs (Novel)
Other Name: 廚娘皇后

Genre: novel
Author: Ann
Year: 2017
Chapter: 40+
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Why can others meet Prince Charming when they pass through, or become Princess XX or Princess XX?
I crossed to wear a fishing village birds do not shit, nothing of others through real beauty is, after I crossed simply too appalling …… Zhu A ……

This is not fair. Who does he think he is? He bought me, a famous private kitchen owner, for a couple of dollars? Wait a minute, a good girl doesn’t suffer from immediate losses, I will take it for the time being!
Take good advantage of his talents to practice hand skills, and I will find him to settle the accounts when I am in the early days! My God, I’m not an object, so what do you always send me to and from? If I don’t speak, I really think I am dumb? Do you think that when you are so handsome, I have to follow you obediently? Stop talking nonsense, get the silver! Otherwise, the chef strikes!

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