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The poisonous concubine is happy, the general please enter the account

The poisonous concubine is happy, the general please enter the account (Novel)
Other Name: 毒妃有喜,将军请入帐

Genre: novel, historical
Author: the Mint Cat film
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Xiao Jingyue mainly tell the story of this happy couple. Before marriage, General Xiao commented on the prime minister’s family. shame. After marriage, General Xiao commented that his wife was unsightly.

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Qu Ling’s head kept humming, and she kept braving the stars in front of her. She didn’t even know when Xiao Jingyue left. His head was full of: This man who has strengthened me is actually Xiao Jingyue! What to do, should she immediately pack up and return to Miaojiang?

“Sister?” Jiang Huo stretched out his hand and shook it in front of Qu Ling. Seeing that she didn’t respond, he sighed old-fashionedly and pulled her back into the house. “Let’s go, the food will not taste good when it is cold.”

After Xiao Jingyue returned, she immediately sent someone over to guard Qu Ling for twelve hours. Even if Qu Ling had wings, she couldn’t sneak out under these people’s eyelids.

The wedding day was set by Xiao Jingyue. Although Prime Minister Jiang didn’t know why Xiao Jingyue was so anxious, he had a headache when he thought of his granddaughter’s extremely restless temperament, and he didn’t even raise any objections.

Qu Ling had cried and made troubles and even tried a hunger strike. Prime Minister Jiang was unmoved and sent someone to watch Qu Ling to prevent her from taking a half-step out of the prime minister’s house and stay in the house with peace of mind to be married.

Jin Yi persuaded: “Miss, don’t you like beautiful men the most? General Xiao is a beautiful man.”

Jiang Huo also persuaded: “That’s right, General Xiao was born so good-looking, I still pray to the God of War.”

Even Murong Yan said, “What are you hypocritical, it would be nice if people don’t dislike you. You stay obediently in the prime minister’s mansion to be married, and there is me watching over the Nanfeng Pavilion, so you won’t bother.”

The people around her took turns to persuade her to marry Xiao Jingyue, but none of them were willing to help. Qu Ling was so aggrieved, and there was really no way to tell them that Xiao Jingyue was not a good person. Before, she took advantage of the dark wind to strengthen her. .

Ten days passed in a blink of an eye.

Before Xiao Jingyue set off to pick up the bride, Chen Linye asked, “The subordinates are puzzled. Didn’t the general dislike the girl in the prime minister’s house? Why did he suddenly change his mind?”

Xiao Jingyue only answered four words: “The emperor’s fate is hard to violate.”

He had mentioned the resignation to the emperor four times, and the emperor had diverted the topic three times in a few words. The last time the emperor saw that he could not hide, he bluntly said to him: If you don’t marry Qu Ling, you cannot leave Beijing.

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