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The Last Days Rich Girl: Major Generals are not in love!

The Last Days Rich Girl: Major Generals are not in love! (Novel)
Other Name: 末世财女:少将大人不谈情!

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Han Cicada
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Yu Anran, past experience tells Yu Anran, in this world, relying on mountains and mountains, drifting by water, even if you rely on yourself, there are times when they are vulnerable. Only relying on money can make oneself invincible forever. So when the end of the world came and everyone emptied their bags for food, Yu Anran didn’t! From jewelry to a hairpin, the girl takes everything…

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The zombie ran away. Although Yu Anran was also anxious, he didn’t care about it. Instead, he hugged Xiao Hu Ran quickly, grabbing his two small hands and rubbing hard. The weather was already cold. At the moment when the cold flames were released, the entire indoor temperature was instantly comparable to that of the polar glaciers. The people present were the least affected, except for the few members of the Warhawk team who were accustomed to various extreme environments. She herself is less affected by the high enough power level.

Although Xiao Hu Ran has been using the crystal core to improve his abilities along the way, it may be due to his age. The ability to improve very slowly, and now it is estimated to be less than the second level. At the moment when Xi Jiran’s ability was released, the extreme cold temperature and coercion came together. Wherever the first-level and second-class ability can stand it, the little guy is stiff.

Although Xi Jiran is no longer there, and the cold flame by the window is slowly extinguishing, the temperature in the room has not recovered so quickly.

Yu Anran helped Aunt Nian up, let her and Xiao Hu Ran close together, and then glanced at the others in the room.

After Xi Jiran released the cold flame, Zheng Jun was already horrified, but because he got closer, no one knew that his body was already in a state of severe frostbite. Now although his mind is still clear, his whole body is in pain. , Cannot move at all,

“You, what do you want or want? Give you all the materials and materials, let me go!”

Yu Anran sneered coldly, one by one, slowly looking at everyone present, including Liu Yulan, who shivered but tried hard to shrink herself in the corner to reduce her presence. She laughed in anger, and laughed lowly with anger and hatred. Get up: “Materials? Don’t you dare to move my people just for the supplies? Do you think I will be short of supplies?”

When she came into contact with her cold eyes, Liu Yulan shivered all over, showing a trace of panic and pleading.

“Sister Yu~ An Ran, it’s none of my business, it’s them, Zheng Jun and Huang Hongguang planned to kidnap your son, it’s none of my business~ I didn’t do anything, really, you believe me!”

Yu Anran didn’t look at her, and turned to Zheng Jun, with a calm tone, as if he was chatting about: “Kidnapping my son?” In fact, Yu Anran had faintly guessed the reason, but he couldn’t help raising his eyebrows and asked sarcastically: “The reason? Don’t you all know that my wood power can’t grow food?”

“It’s water!” Liu Yulan hurriedly answered before everyone else. Although Yu Anran’s expression was calm and did not seem to be very atmospheric, but it was this reaction that made people scared. Liu Yulan felt inexplicably chills, not only because of the temperature in the room, but also because of the tension and terror. atmosphere of.

For so many days, although being played with by people every day, she felt extremely painful, but the more she accepted the reality, the more she didn’t want to die. For her, as long as she can survive, she can do anything.

So it didn’t mean that An Ran asked. Liu Yulan told her all Zheng Jun and Huang Hongguang’s plans she knew about. When the two of them discussed specific matters, although they deliberately avoided the other players, Liu Yulan was nothing but a parasite-like plaything in their eyes. Sometimes they played with her and thought of her as Yu Anran. , Was extremely disgusting, and did not shy away from discussing the plan, so that Liu Yulan was regarded as the third person who knew the fundamental purpose of the two.

Most of the other team members only thought that the supplies were running out, and they came to grab the supplies, which is not unusual in the last days. Only Liu Yulan knew that the two people were clearly coveting An Ran, and they wanted to hold her son and force her to submit.

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