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The Cruel Lord, Don’t Love Me

The Cruel Lord, Don’t Love Me (Novel)
Other Name: 残酷王爷别爱我

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Tan Yue
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Lin Wanyu defends Ling Chu, and her sister becomes a concubine, but instead of her sister, she marries the Mu Wang, but on the wedding night, she is pinched by the bridegroom. She lived on her slender neck and threatened with the entire Lin family, but she could only obey and let him humiliate…

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“Wan Yu, as long as I know, you are very happy, I am also very happy…” Wei Lingchu’s voice was low and choked. Wanyu smiled at the corners of her lips, so what would she want after her husband?

Wei Lingchu’s old vows echoed in her mind over and over again, her body gradually limp, and there seemed to be Lixiang and Peixin screams from her side.

Nothing matters anymore, Lin Wanyu slowly closed her eyes, her anger is like a gossamer, “Li Xiang, take heart, cherish the happiness in front of you, don’t wait to lose it before regretting it.”

“Lixiang, I can’t persuade Chu to marry someone else and have an heir. He won’t agree…”

“There is a letter I wrote to him in the study. You give him one letter every day. There are 730 letters. Two years later, he should be a wise emperor. Dongqi should be a peaceful and prosperous world.”

“After two years, don’t let him know that I am no longer there. Just say that I have lost my news. Let him be the queen concubine and continue the incense…”

“For two years, even if he knew that I was no longer here, his love should have faded a lot by then, and he shouldn’t be dying for love…”

“Lixiang, if possible, tell him that I have always been by his side, watching the peaceful and prosperous world he created for Dongqi…”

“On Huangquan Road, there is also a kind of flower called Bi’an Flower. The flowers bloom and the leaves fall. They will never see each other. I will not drink Mengpo soup. I will wait for him by the Naihe Bridge…”

Lin Wanyu went, her face calm, her pale face with a slight smile, her slightly curved fingers seemed to want to grasp something, she fainted a few times after crying deeply, Li Xiang didn’t dare to publicize it, and found Li Luo.

Together, the two put her body in a cold jade coffin. The transparent jade coffin was very cold, and the jade coffin covered with rose petals exudes a permeating chill. Wanyu lay in it as if she was asleep again. , Li Luo sat by the coffin for seven days and seven nights.

When Lin Wanyu closed his eyes for the last time, Wei Lingchu was reviewing the memorial in the imperial study. The pen in his hand flicked in vain, and a good character was broken. He put the pen in the jade butterfly, and his heart was torn apart. The pain of the lungs.

He hung his head and took a breath for a while, the pain eased slightly. He turned his head and looked at the screen he met last night. The pain began to intensify again. A feeling of restlessness engulfed his heart. He stood up and was dizzy. He shouted, “Lixiang, Li Xiang—”

The eunuch bowed and approached, putting the whisk in his hand on his left arm, and bowed his eyebrows.

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