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The Battle of Evolution

The Battle of Evolution (Novel)
Other Name: 进化之战

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Leigh
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Lin Zhe, as an unmodified natural person, suddenly received an admission notice from the Guoguang Military Academy and embarked on an unknown journey.

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Just like this day after day training, the seasons are also quietly changing.

The winter clothes were folded and the long sleeves faded, and the lush early summer came again.

A new graduation season will soon usher in, and there is not much time left for Qing Blade.

He has been aiming at Shura. Starting from the research institute, he has been catching up from behind to narrow the physical gap caused by age little by little. He has initiated many challenges and was defeated again and again after being defeated. The ground becomes stronger.

Today, he once again confidently challenged his respected opponent Shura.

As soon as the battle book came out, the whole special academy immediately boiled.

Unlike the previous small fights, this is a formal duel where the winner can hang his flag on the top of the fighting hall.

This is the first official challenge that Qingblade has been dormant for a long time after entering the Guoguang Military Academy.

If this challenge fails, then the banner of Shura will become an insurmountable pinnacle, hanging on the fighting hall, becoming an eternal legend.

The duel is scheduled for a week, and the application to the superior is for “skills training”.

The onlookers couldn’t be idle anymore, and the senior brothers even took the lead in playing gambling, guessing who would win the game.

Judging from the current odds, Green Blade and Shura are forty-six.

Although Green Blade is the leader of the younger generation, Shura is still slightly better in terms of age and experience.

Shura is a full-time talent in the student council and has already been hired by the Seventh Army in advance. The prestige among the students is also high, so naturally they get a lot of support.

However, the freshmen in the first grade prefer to vote for Qing Blade. First, they are interested in Qing Blade’s strength, and if Qing Blade wins, the freshmen also feel bright.

Everyone in the same dormitory also bet on Qing Blade, but they think differently.

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