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Quick Time: Dijun, hello!

Quick Time: Dijun, hello! (Novel)
Other Name: 快穿:帝君,你好!

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Xiangxue Liulimeng
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Cangsheng Tasong, the emperor Cangsheng who resounded from all walks of life and the Demon Lord, both fell into the samsara after the battle? Tage’s eyes remain unchanged, what does it matter to her? However…Looking at the emperor who was graceful and pleaded with the favor she owed in the past, Tage pursed her lips and took this job…

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“Tsk, you think about others this way, do you have personal experience yourself!” The woman jokingly said from behind Zi Wuqing. “What nonsense are you talking about, how can…” Yes.

Wu Qing is like a cat whose tail is stepped on. The whole person is extremely angry, but she stops abruptly when she sees the appearance of the woman.

“Luo, Miss Luo? You, what are you… I, I…” Wu Qing stammered about to say something, but couldn’t say it.

Why did Luo Yuyan come here?

How much did she see here?

This voice?

Somehow Xiao Chengyuan felt a trace of excitement in his heart. He turned sideways and looked towards the source of the sound. As expected, he saw Director Zhou standing next to him in a suit, a stepping song like a social elite.

Ta Ge walked to a few people and stopped, so she looked at Wu Qing for a while, “Ms. Wu what is she trying to say?”

Wu Qing’s face flushed red, she gritted her teeth, and finally turned to Xiao Chengyuan and bowed to him, “Sorry, Xiao Chengyuan, I was wrong just now.”

Xiao Chengyuan’s hand holding the water cup paused slightly, and he lowered his head not knowing what he was thinking.

Ta Ge raised his eyebrows, but he was on the road.

Know that the root is in Xiao Chengyuan.

He chuckled lightly, but not holding on to Wu Qing, the same Zhou said, “I’ll take a look, you are free.”

Director Zhou didn’t want to take Tage to inspect it personally. He thought about it and suggested, “Cheng Yuan has just finished filming today’s scene. Let him show you around. He is familiar with this one.”

Luo Yuyan had spent such a big price to make Xiao Chengyuan the male first, and only then did he deliberately relieve him, fearing that he had a great affection for him.

He should be a matchmaker!

Tage Weiwei’s first song, agreeing to Director Zhou’s proposal, just to see his state during this time.

If it’s still the same as before, I’m afraid it’s going to be strong medicine.

Xiao Chengyuan pursed his lips without refuting, and walked to Ta Ge, “Where does Luo always want to go.”

“I am free.”

Anyway, what’s going on here doesn’t have much to do with her.

Her own purpose is just to see Xiao Chengyuan’s state.

Xiao Chengyuan thought for a while and took her downstairs. The spy’s background was in the Republic of China. The floors in this area were mostly architectural styles in the 1920s and 1930s. He didn’t know what to show her, so he walked around. Go, it’s a visit!

“Is the filming going well during this period?” Ta Ge walked beside Xiao Chengyuan, tilting his head slightly.

Xiao Chengyuan didn’t look at her, but looked forward, “It’s okay.”

Except that Fang Rong and a few people who are unwilling to be jealous of him make a few sour words, everything else is fine.

“That’s good,” Ta Ge nodded and said suddenly, “Your little assistant, I will let Lin Yu change it.”

Xiao Chengyuan lowered his eyes slightly, his expression calm, and said lightly, “Thank you.”

He actually didn’t expect that the two of them would be so peaceful this time, which made him feel a little strange.

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