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His Royal Highness An: Rebirth Concubine, Please Sign for Acceptance

His Royal Highness An: Rebirth Concubine, Please Sign for Acceptance (Novel)
Other Name: 安王殿下:重生嫡妃请签收

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Cha Cha
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Shen Qingge Long Hao Cang, who was originally a concubine of the Shen Mansion, was framed by a concubine and concubine, and her reputation was destroyed. Deceived by a scumbag, his face was ruined, and he was humiliated to death by a beggar. After rebirth, back to the beginning, she faded away from weakness and decided to use him to take revenge, but gradually fell in love with him…

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At the flower viewing party that day, Shen Qingge came to the fore with a seven-character quatrain, and became the top spot. In addition to the previous events, he made the limelight even more, not to mention those young talents who flocked to each other, even the elegant dragon. Ling Tian looked at her with admiration, and was particularly close. The reputation of being crowned “the No. 1 lady in Beijing” was within Shen Qingge’s expectations, but she didn’t feel any surprise. For her, the real surprise was when Long Haochang took the initiative when the flower viewing party ended. Offered to send her back to Shen Mansion.

“Miss Shen is really smart, and I really admire this king.”

When the carriage stopped in front of the gate of Shen’s house, Long Haocang suddenly said something like this. Shen Qingge had guessed that he could not escape his eyes with this trick today, and simply admitted it generously:

“The prince’s guess is right. The bottle of moisturizing lotion is indeed mixed with things that make people itchy, and I did wear her powder-coated clothes on my body for today. But that’s not enough, I calmly Songs never cause trouble, but they are not afraid of trouble. I will pay back the debts they owe me.”


Long Haocang raised his eyebrows, and a hint of playfulness flashed in his eyes: “This king admires Miss Shen’s intelligence. I will remember the favor I owe you today. When Miss Shen wants to recover this favor, you can come to this king. .”

Even though Shen Qingge didn’t fully understand Long Haocang’s temperament, he could guess that it was already very rare for him to say such a thing. At the moment, he quietly concealed his inner ecstasy:

“Thank you, Lord, I believe it will not be long before the Lord will meet the little girl again.”

As Shen Qingge expected, after that day, Shen Yan’er was already a living model of “Sweet and Young Flower” in Beijing. Not only the wealthy families knew it, but even ordinary ordinary people inquired about that day from all kinds of textbooks. Ugly.

Shen Changping always looked at his face, and he was naturally furious about what Shen Yaner had caused. Aunt Zhao was also implicated. The mother and daughter were kept hungry in the wood room for three days and three nights before returning to Lixiang Garden to continue. Confinement.

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