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Her Woman Home

Her Woman Home (Novel)
Other Name: 悍妇当家

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Mo Yunxi
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Li Yunjiao is tall and high. In her previous life, she worked hard to die for the family and the group. When she woke up again, it had been two lifetimes and became an ordinary The peasant woman, who wanted to be at ease with her husband and child, accidentally exposed the essence of a strong woman…

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“Master Yuwen has heard a word.”

Li Yunjiao seems to be careless, and his subordinates still paint without hurries.

Yuwen Wuji was on a whim.

“Appreciate further details.”

Li Yunjiao chuckled, put down the pen, blew the ink, and dried it carefully: “The world is so big that there are no wonders. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist that adults have never touched it.”

Yuwen Wuji, aha, almost couldn’t help but laugh, this Li, circumstantially said that he had no knowledge!

But he still couldn’t breathe.

“What the lady said is that she is short-sighted.”

Suddenly, he turned around: “The lady just said that she wanted to find someone to build the house on the painting, and she happened to know someone in the next. She is quite accomplished in this respect. If the lady is willing, she can recommend it.”

“Really? That’s a good relationship, bother Master Yuwen bother…”

Li Yunjiao looked squarely at Yuwen Wuji for the first time, her smile getting bigger, Yuwen Wuji was shocked in vain, her heart squeezed, and she felt breathless.

I never knew that a person like Li Yunjiao really laughed like this…

Yuwen Wuji even forgot to breathe, sweating on his palms, nervously not knowing what to say.

A few seconds later, he realized that it was wrong, and he shifted his eyes away from him with a false cough.

“If this is the case, let’s say so. Another day, I will be a recommendation for the wife. It is not early, so I will leave first…”

After talking, he fled.

It wasn’t until I entered the backyard of the county government office that I shut myself into the room, and then I sat on a chair as if collapsed, poured a cup of tea and drank two cups, and then gradually eased.

When Gao Dashan came back, Li Yunjiao had already cooked the food, and the children were sitting around.

“Father, you’re back, hurry up and wash your hands to eat. Mother has made a lot of delicious food.”

Gao Dashan felt warm in his heart, helping Li Yunjiao to carry in and out of the kitchen, a standard twenty-four filial husband.

After the meal, the two of them went to send wine and food to the two court orders guarding the field.

Another two months have passed.

The rice seedlings enter the mature stage, the plants turn yellow, the rice ears are full, and gradually turn yellow.

“Well, this is…?” Gansdao woke up early in the morning to find that the rice was yellow and the ears drooped.

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