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Girl’s work

Girl’s work (Novel)
Other Name: 女仵作

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Ayo
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Xiao Zhuan in Sanskrit, mainly tells the story of the Nv’s works and the generals of the rough man. She is a six-door girl’s work, because a key to enter Xiao Zhuan’s home. .. The bones buried deep in the soil sang again and again in the middle of the night.

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Why did the two leave Kyoto at the time? They knew each other’s heart, and it wasn’t that the Kyoto side didn’t send people to try it out. Xiao Zhuan had some troubles several times.

“I have a bottom on this matter.”

Listening to his friend’s deserted tone, Nie Yu was relieved, and did not continue to pursue the matter. Instead, he stepped forward and patted Xiao Zhuan on the shoulder, then walked to the front hall and sat at the wooden table.

Every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite, and this is the case in their homes.

Xiao Zhuan also thought of the unpleasant things because of Nie Yu’s words. His thin lips were tightening in a straight line, and his face was even more gloomy and terrifying.

As someone else, I was already shivering with fear, but Nie Yuyue still had a cynical expression, tapping the desk with white fingers.

Not long after, Xiao Cui ran over in broken steps, saw the two adults, immediately knelt in front of them and said.

“General Xiao, Lord Nie, Miss Fan asked the minions to come and pick them up earlier. She said she was very tired, so she stopped dining with the two adults.”

After Xiao Cui finished speaking, she waited quietly for the two adults to make a choice. Xiao Zhuan didn’t know why, and felt a little lost in her heart. After these losses were magnified, they became melancholy.

“Go to the kitchen and get some warm.”

After Xiao Zhuan let go, Xiao Cui immediately got up and ran towards the kitchen.

Since the guests did not come to dine, the two did not need to wait, Nie Yu had already picked up a Hanamaki with chopsticks and it was delicious.

In the guest room, it was not because of reservedness that Fanyin did not dine with two foreign men, but she was really sleepy.

Especially after the hot bath, her eyelids were fighting. Waiting for Xiao Cui to bring her early, she just took a few mouthfuls casually and slept dimly on the bed.

After Fanyin slept, it was almost time for Shenshi. During this period, Xiao Zhuan and Nie Yu went to the barracks to survey early, but unfortunately they did not find any clues.

When they rushed back, Fanyin was sitting in the front hall waiting for them, and Nie Yu was very interested in this woman. After all, six doors came out in large numbers, and very few women could enter the six doors, not to mention. Listening to Xiao Zhuan’s words, this woman is still famous.

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